Yes, The ‘Women’s Tax’ Is A Very Real Thing

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“Have you ever noticed pink razors costing more than the blue ones? ‘Made for Women’s’ deodorant being more expensive than the ‘Men’s Sport’ edition? Women’s haircut listed more the Men’s? You’re not alone…in 1995 California did a study on gendered pricing, and found women pay $1,351 a year more for the same products.”

The team at The Daily Share has created this eye-opening (and entertaining) video comparing the costs of everyday products and services for women and men. And the result, although not surprising, is a sobering reminder that yes, women are paying more than men for pretty much EVERYTHING!

  • Emma

    While I do agree with your point in general, the example shown is clearly of two different razors, and given the difference in price between the 2 it could come down to production costs rather than gender. Can you find a better example?

    • Hi Emma – Did you watch the video? The razor example is just one of many “The Daily Share” folks cover in the video. What you see above is just a still shot.

  • Norma

    Here’s a way to at least combat the TAMPON TAX…a tax imposed in many states on feminine hygiene products because they’re considered “luxuries.” Huh! I just signed this petition:

    • Thanks Norma! Clearly, it’s a global issue because there’s also a similar petition in the UK protesting a law that adds a 5% tax on all tampons and pads. Earlier this week, we covered a series of awesome cartoons entitled “Luxury Feminine Care Products: For the woman who menstruates and is also fancy” that cartoonist, writer and illustrator Gemma Correll created based on that petition. You should check them out:

      • Norma

        Yes! I totally loved reading the piece! Gemma Correll is brilliant and WYSK rocks for featuring her work…

  • Fan Girl

    Or you can leave the capitalist system and not have to spend any money take a look at this

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  • jim

    I agree that it isn’t fair for people to pay more for things based on their gender. But there are also many cases where men pay more than women for the same service. One such example is car insurance.

    I’m not saying that men have it worse than women, but I also don’t think it’s fair to say women have it worse than men. People just pay more for different things (which in many circumstances isn’t fair). The study in 1995 says women pay $1,351 a year more for the same products, but you make no mention of what these products are. Perhaps it’s true women pay more on average, or maybe the study looked at items women typically pay more than men? I’m not sure. And I don’t think it’s fair to say women pay more than men without knowing this.

    • Jenni S.

      Car insurance is based on accident rates, number of tickets, etc. Because on average men have more accidents and tickets, their insurance costs more. So there is a real reason for that. No such thing for razors, deodorant, shaving cream, basic shampoo, soap, etc.

      • Jim

        True. But in the video they say that women pay 13% more for long term care because women live longer. Since women do on average live longer, they should pay more. Their argument is that they ‘didn’t choose to be born a woman’ so they shouldn’t have to pay more. By that same logic, I didn’t choose to be born a man so I shouldn’t have to pay more for car insurance. Also, some of the stuff you listed has a reason to be different prices. Such as the razors they show are completely different, and the price difference could just be due to it costing more to produce the one for women. For deodorant it could be that some of the ingredients typically used in the for woman products costs more, resulting in the price difference.

        • Tynam

          It *could* be… but it isn’t.

          You’re right about the healthcare and car insurance. But don’t jump to the conclusion that therefore there is no problem. (Do you really think a woman’s razor is some different and more expensive technology than a man’s razor? Skin and hair work the same way for everyone.)

        • LondonMarriott

          Sorry, that still doesn’t work. Car insurance prices are based on statistics, and statistics show that man require more payouts. The stats on cars painted red show that they also typically cost more to insure, no matter who is driving, so I may pay more for mine just because of the color.

          Sure, if items require more costly ingredients to manufacture, then yeah, that’s ok. But same product, same purpose, should be same price. Heating pads? Not so much.

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