Writer Lisa Goldstein Raw And Uncensored: Why Her Kids’ 7 Weeks At Sleepaway Camp Is Her “Summer Of George”

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WYSK Contributor, breast cancer survivor, writer, and mom Lisa Goldstein loves her kids, but she also loves when she ships them off to summer camp for 7 weeks.

So sit back and prepare to laugh through Lisa’s live reading of her candid piece, “Summer of George,” in which she details how she revels in the “49 consecutive days that someone else takes care of her children” and shares a little secret that other moms just might agree with.

Lisa did this reading for Listen To Your Mother, a national series of live readings by local writers that was created by Stay-At-Home Humorist and blogger Ann Imig to give motherhood a microphone.

PS – In case you missed it, check out the equally brilliant and candid piece Lisa wrote for WYSK in February, To Dye, Or Not To Dye? … the question she faced just weeks after her final chemo session for breast cancer, when her hair started to grow back… gray.