Women’s History Month Giveaway: Win A Brainy Chick Sweatshirt And Show Off Your Intellect

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Women You Should Know has teamed up with Courtney Church, the woman behind Periodically Inspired, our favorite nerd-chic apparel brand that’s inspired by the Periodic Table Of Elements, for this awesome Women’s History Month giveaway. It’s our way of celebrating Brainy Chicks… everyday women (past and present) who have used their brain power to outperform, innovate, discover, defy and soar.

They are present day history makers like Professor C. Bodin, who, in September 2013, joined the ranks of LEGO’s 35-year-old Minifigure Series as its very first female scientist. They are also the history making pioneers like 2X Nobel Prize winning physicist and chemist Marie Curie, who on June 25, 1903, announced her discovery of radium, a new radioactive element, which was critical to the development of x-rays in surgery, and the field of radiology.


So this is for all those Brainy Chicks out there. Here’s your chance to stylishly show off your intellect. The design is printed on an insanely soft sweatshirt made of 60% combed and ring-spun cotton and 40% polyester fleece. It’s also Made In The USA, and screenprinted in little Rhode Island.

Like all of Courtney’s clever designs, this sweatshirt spells out its signature phrase by using the one and two-letter abbreviations of specific Periodic Table elements’ names. Since inquiring minds always want to know, here’s what makes you a BRaInY CHICK:

B for Boron
Ra for Radium
In for Indium
Y for Yttrium

C for Carbon
H for Hydrogen
I for Iodine
C for Carbon
K for Potassium

Enter To Win… Right Here, Right Now!

There is ONLY one way to enter to win this Periodically Inspired Brainy Chick Sweatshirt... just leave a comment on this post. We’ve got two of these awesome scoopnecks in vintage heather gray up for grabs.

One entry per person. Giveaway entries must be posted in the comments section below by Thursday, March 12, 2015 at 11:59 pm (EST). Two winners will be selected at random and notified by email.

If either selected winner does not claim prize within 30 days of being notified, a new winner will be selected.

Brainy Chick


  • Dejuitsi


  • Love it!

  • Kennedy

    I am loving this sweatshirt! I would love to win it:-)

    • Kennedy

      Also, how will the winners be notified? the email we provide for our comment?

      • Hi Kennedy – Yep… winners will be notified via whatever email someone uses to comment.

  • Deanna M

    I love this!!

  • Emily McCutcheon

    Yay! Love it!

  • Aimee Lasco Aufdermauer

    Smart Kids are the NEW cool!!!

  • Hannah Bug

    This is incredible!

  • Monica VanDieren

    My daughter and I would be stealing this from each other’s closet.

  • Christine

    This is fantastic!

  • Karin

    I want one! Brainy chicks rule!

  • pattilouwho

    Pick me!! I want one!

  • Jenny

    I want!!!

  • Would love to give this to my teenage daughter 🙂

  • Danielle

    Would love to show this shirt off in my organic chemistry class! Please pick me!

  • Chelsae Rose Sliger

    That is really cool. =)

  • Araceli

    I’m a *Brainy Chick* because I question everything, even the unquestionable. I really love this sweater! All the items in your store look great! I would most certainly wear it with a huge smile. : D : D : D

  • Jessiqa

    This shirt is terrific!!

  • Lee Ann Something-Something


  • Catalyst Baez

    Cu-copper Te-Tellurium. CuTe top!

  • Melissa Amarillas

    This is great!

  • camev

    Must. Have. Now.

  • libertygrl

    This will go perfectly with my Pi Day t-shirt

  • Ashley

    Love this!

  • EdenSong

    I’d love to have a pair for matching mother & daughter shirts!

  • Kay

    I would LOVE to win this sweatshirt! 🙂

  • Christina Lee

    I am all for BRaInY CHICK!
    Ne (Neon) At (Astatine)
    I (Iodine) Am (Americium) In (Indium)

    NeAt. I Am In! 🙂

  • suzinrva

    I would certainly appreciate this shirt – it super cute and toasty!

  • Brandy

    So cute! I LOVE this! 🙂

  • Stephanie Georgia

    I want one!!

  • Lindsay Ryan

    I think my wife would love this! She already has a shirt that says Genius on it.

  • Jennifer Pierce

    I need this! I want to show my son that brainy chicks are cool 🙂

  • Stephanie Coviak

    There are 3 brainy chicks in our family – me, my daughter and my 7-yr old granddaughter

  • Carah Marie

    Would love to get this for my daughter, who already understands her Girl Power!

  • Miss Littleton

    Perfect shirt for a science teacher… like me.

  • Zoe Lubow

    Chemistry major and now pharmacy school. Yes please 🙂

  • Ann Cheung

    would love this to help me kick ass in med school!

  • Grace Shepard

    his shirt is barometrically the best!
    I want to win!

  • grandmainNY

    Love the T shirt. I always encouraged my students to become brainy chicks.

  • jillmiersch

    Being Brainy is what makes being a Chick great. There are still so few recognized-

  • thompsod2000

    Yay Girl Power and STEM Girls! I love Periodically Inspired gear! I’ve been a fan since 2011 🙂

  • GeoKs

    Middle-aged brainy chick and AFOL would love one of these Periodically Inspired sweatshirts!

  • Arianne Elshawarby

    Im a stay at home mom who just got up the nerve to go back to school. Im majoring in biotechnology and my hope is to be a forensic scientist one day. I would love this shirt as some motivation to keep going and acheive all of my goals!

  • Donna McBride

    I work with some of the smartest, most inspiring and most beautiful young women on the planet and I’d like to win and wear the sweatshirt to remind them which one of those attributes is most important.

  • Pia

    Starting a BSc in Architecture this September. This sweatshirt would be perfect for my first day!

  • PK

    I love this.

  • Amy Luna Manderino

    Yes, because it’s so empowering to call yourself a “chick.” From The Free Dictionary.com:


    a. A young chicken.

    b. One of the young of any bird.

    2. A child.

    3. Often Offensive A girl or young woman

  • Guest

    Old age has not clouded my grey matter so much that I don’t know an inspirational place for women exists in the forum Women You Should Know or so much so that I cant see the brainy chick wear is the bomb for all ages. Yes. Please.

  • Elsibeth

    Old age has not clouded my grey matter so much that I don’t know an
    inspirational place for women exists in the forum Women You Should Know
    or so much so that I cant see the brainy chick wear is the bomb for all
    ages. Yes. Please

  • Juliana Barros

    I’m a brazilian 19 yrs old girl from a really small town. I study Law and work in the local police station helping women who suffered violence to sue their partners/ex partners. I’m also researching the sociological origins of violence against women in my state with two classmates, among other research activities. Like the philhosopher Hélène Cixous said (in a free translation) “The women should write about themselves and make other women write too.” I hope I can keep researching, helping and empowering those women who most of us don’t know, but we should.

  • Lisa Bentz Bell

    At 45 years old, I’m going back college full time in May for Electrical Engineering. I work right now with other amazing female engineers and they are inspiring, so this seemed like the next natural progression in my career. Not only will I be a full time student in an accelerated program, I also work full time and am a mother of a beautiful, intelligent 12 year old girl. This sweatshirt is cute and it would be fun to win. Thanks!

  • Theresa Svoboda

    Don’t know of one BRaInY CHICK that wouldn’t rock that shirt!

  • Angela

    What a great shirt! I would wear it constantly!

  • Erin Cochran.

    Great shirt

  • mkgrph

    Love the shirt.

  • Shawna Griswold

    Yay! Is high time I get one of these cool shirts. <3

  • Heidi Hernandez Gatty

    Pure genius!

  • heathermowrybeauvais

    I totally dig this! I would rock this baby all day!

  • Monica Coniglio

    this is awesome 😀

  • hooriyasulaiman

    I would love to wear this shirt! 🙂 and even if I dont get to wear it, I would love to see other women.rocking in this shirt! 🙂 #womenpower

  • sherri

    Wicked brainy chick right here!!!!!!

  • Michelle Orlando Kenyon

    Perfect for dress down Friday at my BRaInY job. Love the other Periodically inspired t-shirts that I have and this would be great for the winter months!

  • Dee

    Empowering idea! Will wear it often with pride if I win it =D

    This little sketch was inspired by this: https://instagram.com/p/z-vQgXtFvz/?modal=true

    Happy International Women’s Day everyone!

  • TerrieG633

    I found you because I F****** Love Science has been highlighting Woman’s Day which led me to Google which led me to you, all looking for the phrase Women we Should know. I work in IT now, but I’m a USAF cop veteran woman and I love the message for my daughter, my nieces, my adopted kids (friends of my kids). Women are only limited by their own willpower.

  • Rachel

    I love the sweatshirt!

  • Amy Z.

    I love this! All brainy chicks need one 🙂

  • Austin Baroudi

    My girlfriend would love this! Thanks so much for the chance!

  • ShawHaus

    This is awesome! What a fun way to get us all involved. 🙂

  • EBB

    Add my name to the list!

  • cezovski

    What a great gift for my college-aged daughter!

  • EB

    This is the best sweatshirt I have ever seen! Thanks!

  • Christine Bullard

    Love this

  • Michelle card

    How cool is this?!

  • Barbara Mellone

    Cool Sweatshirt! I would like to buy one for each of the graduate students in my laboratory (3 out of 4 are women) as a gift for when they get their PhD!

    • Periodically Inspired

      Hi Barbara- feel free to contact us here to inquire about a volume discount for your grad students: http://periodicallyinspired.com/contact/ And we have “Brainy Boy” items as well! Thanks so much, Periodically Inspired

  • Melanie Page

    Definitely need this! 😀

  • Karen Ostermann

    I love this! I NEED this! If I can’t win it, I need to buy it. 🙂

  • Our sincere thanks to each and every one of you who entered this giveaway. We appreciate your interest and awesome enthusiasm! The comments were truly inspiring. Two winners have been selected at random and we would like to extend a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to… Dee and Kay! You will both be notified by email, so we can get a BRaInY CHICK sweatshirt out to each of you ASAP.