Women’s Bathroom Sign Makeover

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Talk about body diversity! The women’s bathroom sign at the Jacksonville International Airport, features an array of female icons in all shapes and sizes, breaking the mold of the stick figure and more typically seen triangle we’re all accustomed to.

Ok, it’s not going to solve the unrealistic standards of beauty that are splashed across media and advertising, but it’s definitely a conversation starter, and we think pretty awesome. Oh, and the men’s room got an equally fabulous makeover too!

  • Marge

    I can’t decide if I like it or not, but it is interesting.

  • Tara

    Never mind using the different figures. How about just using the word “WOMEN”? That covers every one of us!

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  • Jay

    They’re still all stuck wearing skirts. “Women” would work just fine.

  • Tankboi

    To the people saying just put a sign saying “women” – it’s an international airport. What about people who don’t speak English?

  • Kittens

    Must be a slow news day, it’s been that way for years.

  • janet444

    I love this! A celebration of the uniqueness of every woman’s body.

  • woodka

    But I only wear pants — the skirt thing still confuses me.

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