Women Try To Pose Like Female Comic Book Superheroes

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“I did my best. I’m not going to get mad at my body for not being able to do impossible things.”

Buzzfeed challenged a group of women to try to strike the poses that female comic book superheroes are often drawn in. Hilarity and pulled muscles ensue…

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    Dear Diary…Jackpot!

  • SansMoJilié

    Screw you Ghazi!

    The women here shouldn’t feel bad, but sugarcoating their inability by saying the poses are impossible is absurd. I see this everywhere honestly. People complaining about how an artist positions a character saying that “it’s too uncomfortable” when they’re just trying to be dynamic with some leeway on the accuracy of the anatomy.

    • Cheeetar

      cry more

    • Sergio Snabian

      “Screw you Ghazi.” Oh my looks like you got offended. :^)

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        Sigh. I was banned about 5 months ago. I really believe that communicating or atleast reading the opinions of people you don’t agree with is a good way to expand your worldview. I know my opinions have changed after visiting ghazi, but I still can’t forgive the mods who banned me for my innocuous activity, and failing to giving me reason beyond “hahahaha no”.

        Also, sorry about the “Screw you ghazi”. In hindsight, it’s sending my animosity I have for one mod, towards all of ghazi which isn’t fair.

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        We should meet up in person and have a conversation.

  • PJ

    WHAT?! Next you’ll be telling me women can’t replicate the supernatural powers of these heroes. SEXISM!!!

    • SansMoJilié

      Ya know, I was thinking of making this same point, but I realized that it’s really flawed. You can accept the superhero stuff as a part of their comic book reality, but the character’s anatomy is obviously supposed to work the same way as ours, but it looks like it doesn’t for the purpose of pandering. Buzzfeed is making a point of that (One that I disagree with. Honestly, they should’ve brought in professional gymnasts or whatever for a more fair comparison)

      • Hosfac

        Yeah, because having 56-12-36 measurements is clearly a realistic representation of female anatomy.

        • SansMoJilié

          And why does it matter? The pose is definitely poss

          • Hosfac

            The point is that it DOESN’T matter. This is a medium where the characters can fly, shoot laser beams out of their eyes and throw cars around like they are made out of cardboard, and people are making a big deal about the poses these characters are portrayed in? Simply attempting to make the argument is asinine.

      • herecomeseverybody

        ”the character’s anatomy is obviously supposed to work the same way as ours”

        uh, excuse me? it really isn’t. ever heard of something called stylization? these are cartoons, they are supposed to be exaggerated and are in no way supposed to be realistic or trying to accurately represent a human’s body. these characters are *superhuman*, these worlds are fantastical, nothing that happens in these comics is supposed to work at all like it works in real life. ever noticed the male superheroes in cape comics? you know, those with an absolutely impossible amount of muscle and strength and completely fucked up stylized anatomy? are those for pandering too? are men oppressed by them?

  • LucifeL MartelL

    Their action poses are absurd because most of them illustrators don’t know jack about fighting… say martial art forms like Kung fu or tae kwon do…
    And even in poses of rest they are just trying to cater to their own imagination and needs. If an illustrator wants his heroin’s ass to pop… he will make it pop no matter what … Its supposed to cater to men and their ideals of perfect woman. 🙂 … Sad but true, but that’s what men want …

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    How about moderating comments?

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