Women On Wheels

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There is a group of four women we just learned about who you should know: Mia Schaikewitz, Auti Angel, Angela Rockwood, and Tiphany Adams. They are all strong, beautiful, dynamic, ambitious and… paralyzed from the neck or waist down, by way of accident or illness. Their lives will soon be the subject of a new, half-hour long docu-series called “Push Girls” slated to premiere in April 2012 on the Sundance Channel. Could “Reality” TV’s portrayal of women finally be turning a corner from vapid, catty and trashy to empowering and inspirational? We hope so.

“Push Girls”, by way of producer Gay Rosenthal (“Ruby”, “Little People, Big World”), promises to bring “an unfettered, uncensored glimpse at what it means to be sexy, ambitious and living with paralysis in Hollywood”, according to a release. After Sundance Channel’s recent announcement about the show, Rosenthal commented, “Watching the ‘Push Girls’ tackling life with spirit and confidence is not only inspiring but compelling. The show challenges perceptions about life in a wheelchair, giving the audience an honest, no nonsense look into their world. It’s real, it’s outspoken and it’s from the heart.”

Sarah Barnett, Sundance Channel General Manager added, “The indomitable spirit of this series will give viewers permission to stare at a world that they may previously have been too polite – or too frightened – to explore. We are remarkably fortunate to get to work with this exceptional group of women.”

Everyone at WYSK is excited about this show and ready to be inspired by these women who are clearly triumphing over tragedy, living life to the fullest and pursuing their own claims to happiness despite the odds.

Meet The “Push Girls”:

MiaMia Schaikewitz – age 32; a former competitive swimmer, who lost the use of her legs due to a rare brain hemorrhage she suffered as a teenager; the show covers her attempt to swim for the first time since high school.



AutiAuti Angel – age 42; a rapper, actress, hip-hop dancer, and all-around powerhouse, who had landed a major record deal just before severing her spinal cord in a 1992 car wreck; the show delves into her hopes and plans to try for a baby with her husband.


AngelaAngela Rockwood – age 36; a down-to-earth, stunningly gorgeous model who appeared in The Fast and the Furious before her 2001 auto accident; has recently separated from her husband. She told the New York Post, “I’m a quadriplegic, so I need more assistance than the other girls. I need someone to come in and catheterize me. I need someone to bathe me. I need someone to lotion me up… This is my reality, and it was important that the show capture that.”

TiphanyTiphany Adams – age 28; model and the sole survivor of a tragic head-on collision her senior year of high school that left three of her friends dead; they were hit by a drunk driver.



  • Millie

    My immediate reaction to this post is: Wow! And I think I have problems? These women are an inspiration to everyone, both men and women. They are each so beautiful, and all look so dynamic despite their difficulties.

  • Alice

    Now these are women that deserve our attention! Ramona who?

  • John Kavanaugh

    It is long past time for such tenacity and courage to be shouted from the hill tops. Invisibility demeans us all and being discounted and marginalized ranks a close second and third. As a totally blind 67 year old psychotherapist, I truly appreciate the stories and experiences that need to be shared and experienced. We should all be dancing in the sun to the vibrant rhythms of these four stories.

  • Gargouille

    I’m late to see this…but love the idea that people, even women whose lives revolved around their bodies, can learn to express themselves in powerful ways without the appendages they thought were vital to that expression. Scary to think of learning that lesson the hard way. Amazing that they did and want to share that with the rest of us.

  • Tania

    I am saddened to learn that Angela has separated from Dustin Nguyen after 10 year marriage. I know they had so much love. Unfortunately, when a spouse spends so much time out of the country which can put a strain on the marriage. Angela is a stunning woman who is very independent in her own way. I wish her and Dustin the best in their newly separate lives but it is heartbreaking.