Win It: Signed Copy Of ‘We: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere’ by Gillian Anderson and Jennifer Nadel

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We recently scored not 1 but 2 signed copies of the just released  We: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere: 9 Principles to Live By, a new book written by long-time friends, award-winning film, television, and theatre actress Gillian Anderson and award-winning journalist Jennifer Nadel. Released earlier this month on International Women’s Day, it aims to be an “inspiring, empowering, and provocative” vehicle for personal fulfillment and collective change. One copy has taken its rightful place on the shelf of our wysky library, and now the second is up for grabs.

“Imagine a sisterhood—across all creeds and cultures. An unspoken agreement that we, as women, will support and encourage one another.”

For the last decade, Gillian and Jennifer say they’ve “stumbled along together, learning, failing, crying, laughing, and trying again.” So the aim of their manifesto is to be a “rallying cry to create a life that has greater meaning and purpose.” They do this by “combining tools that are practical, psychological, and spiritual,” rendering a guide that “is both a process and a vision for a more fulfilling way of living.” It’s their vision for “a happier, more emotionally rewarding future we can all create together.”

Enter To Win… Right Here, Right Now!

There is ONLY one way to enter to win a copy of Gillian and Jennifer’s book… just leave a comment on this post and tell us your go-to technique for navigating the high and lows of life.

One entry per person. Open to U.S. residents only. Giveaway entries must be posted in the comments section below by Thursday, March 30, 2017 at midnight (EST). One winner will be selected at random and notified by email. If selected winner does not claim prize within 30 days of being notified, a new winner will be selected.

  • thaze

    My go-to is spending time with my dog. She’s there when I need snuggles, and when I’m having a great day, we play a lot. Plus, she’s not judgmental when I go on a rant!

  • Boone Terwilliger

    I have some amazing friends. We are there for each other in the best and worst of times. I am very lucky and proud to be connected to them.

  • Cyndi Lopez


  • Kara

    Calling my dad, spending time with my cat, or curling up with a good book. I would love to curl up with this one! 🙂

  • Natalie

    Reading in bed with a good candle after a loooong call to my mama!

  • Karen Grothe

    I use multiple techniques: reading a fun book, taking a walk to the beach, watching a god movie, or talking it out with my very supportive husband.

  • Georgia

    It would have to be reading. I’m either escaping or inspired!!

  • jeffreyw

    I keep busy by enjoying sailing and podcasting about sailing, stay engaged with my home life, and if I need to talk to someone, I do it. Try to carve out time for creativity and relaxing.

  • Debra Strangman Johnson

    Tea,a good book,and a quiet house.Perfect way to recharge

  • KAT64

    To maintain balance & sanity between the highs & lows of life, I get out in Nature: a walk, hike, bike ride or swim always puts things into perspective & reminds that every little thing’s gonna be alright!

  • Meg

    A good book on the beach

  • Kathleen

    I have a few: go for a walk (preferably in a place with lots of dogs), listen to some positive music, doing something fun with friends, and most importantly never lose sight of who I am. Life may go up and down, but my values, personality, and dreams will stay constant.

  • Judyta Nowak

    Just talking with few friends, strong, smart, kind, amazing women. They can give me power for the rest of a day like no one else. We taking care of each other because sisterhood is what we need the most.

  • Maria Maldonado

    I try to be truly present wherever I am – sometimes it’s hard to do but it helps me keep stuff in perspective.

  • Jenn

    I concentrate on my breathing, working to slow it down and keep it even. Friends, great books, and my animals help too

  • Bronwyn

    Listen to something, read something or talk to someone that reminds you that are not alone in the fight. Lean on your support circle for love and kindness!

  • Jennifer Anderson

    I put on my headphones and listen to some uplifting music. Maybe take a walk by myself or with my doggies. That will help me refocus on the tasks that I need to get done.

  • Joanna

    It helps to self-reflect and write about it openly on social media (mainly Facebook) around friends to discuss the high’s and low’s of life. It’s likely someone can help by relating. Take time to meditate or collect thoughts-I usually self reflect when I’m in bed or taking a walk than the traditional route of meditation. Another excerise I do than traditional journaling is write it out like a story with a character and analyze what he or she should do in that senario.

  • yen

    all the highs are generally rewarded thru my 3 daughters. They are a place i immediately go to-all 3 are grown. all off living amazing lives. They are the maker of my light. all the lows are meditated over-bounced around in a loud music dance off- and for both of them together i journal. Making the time for me and being able to sit and reflect and feel gratitude is also a “highs and lows” event each day. Always entertain situations w a open mind and a sense of humor.

  • Rachel Shattuck

    I navigate the highs and lows with the support of my wife, who also happens to be my best friend. ❤️

  • Pat Swetland

    I get through life with thevsupporg of friends, family and Xanax.

  • Carol Cupitt Parks

    Breathwork techniques, followed by one or more of the following: Cup of tea. Glass of wine. Chocolate

  • Casey C

    My go-to technique consists of a glass of wine and camping at least once every few months!

  • Angie Scott

    Yoga, wine, books, and not having to talk about myself in public. Thanks.

  • Patricia Finley

    Wine and (the next morning) meditation. Few things are as bad as they initially seem.

  • Amber

    Aromatherapy, music therapy and deep breathing exercises. And of course, toppling the patriarchy!

  • Terza Ekholm

    Go for long walks, make art, and laugh a lot!

  • Jennifer Frost

    Nature, nurture, and a little bit of naughty!

  • Bev Murrill

    Hanging in there, regardless. Believing that your destiny is beyond the crap.

  • Mandy Torres

    Making sure I am a role model for my six year old daughter. It forces me to be model behaviors.

  • Katie Pettit

    Being mentally present in each moment, cherishing good times, and when you’re low knowing that this too shall pass.

  • Genesis Ayala

    I always try to remember that tomorrow is another day and I try to assess if it’s really that important to stress over it. Will it affect me tomorrow? Next week? Next month? Next year? I always take one day at a time and remember I’m not alone in dealing with the stressed of life.

  • Jordann McCartney

    I try to stay humble in the highs while still celebrating my successes with loved ones, and also helping others in their time of need.
    Navigating the lows is definitely a bit trickier. “Que sera, sera” sung by the lovely Doris Day is a frequently played song on my phone for those times when I just need a little reminder that some things are just out of my control (and that’s okay!). I can’t focus on trying to micromanage every little aspect of my life and stay sane. Sometimes it just is what it is.

  • Lauren Utterback

    Navigation? I’m a drifting ship with no oars or rutters laughing as I float away on the riptide. I guess that means meditation for some and mindlessly walking my dog so I don’t feel guilty.

  • Laura Youells

    Music has always been there to cheer me on or cheer me up. There can be so much beauty in music that it crosses language barriers and speaks to the soul. ✌🏼❤

  • Nikki Wecker

    I don’t think I have one. I’m still young, so hopefully I’ll discover a technique, but for now, I just try to be fully present for the highs, and have enough perspective to power through the lows. Also, keeping dogs and kids around helps.

  • Amanda

    I think really knowing yourself and cultivating the tools and habits that work for you is super important in handling life’s blows. I’m an introvert but a social one so if I spend too much time in groups and social settings I burn out and if I spend too much time alone I get depressed so I’m always looking for balance. Also sorrounding yourself with strong inspirational women (books, TV, theatre, family, friends, mentors, etc) is absolutely necessary!

  • Dissenter29

    I look at the world through my own eyes, unfiltered as much as possible, then I laugh or I weep, and I talk to my daughter so I can always remember what is really important.

  • Kathleen

    I trust my internal compass to guide me through each emotion and I always selfishly hold a special place and time just for me in each day to check in on myself.

  • Dianne Coleman

    I pray for strength and wisdom, listen to the words of others I respect, take a deep breath and move on.

  • Blanka Volna

    I developed a habit of listening to motivational speakers on daily basis as the very first thing in the morning while I’m getting ready for work. It gives me strength and motivation to keep going after my dreams. My favourite is Les Brown, he speaks from his heart and got incredible presence!

  • Danielle McMillan

    I don’t even know how I cope, I just keep soldiering on?

  • Heather Murphy

    I play roller derby twice a week with like minded women <3

  • A.

    I read 😂

  • Melanie H.

    My best way for navigating the highs and lows of life would have to be consistent self-assurance and learning to speak to myself as I would a friend, something I have found I wasn’t doing for the majority of my life. Also, trusting my gut and knowing when I need to nourish myself. On top of that, I’ve been doing my best to surround myself with inspiring people, and I think I’ve done a pretty great job at at least that part!

  • Bethany Buchi

    Self care is my go-to technique for navigating the pitfalls of life. I try to recognize when I need a mental health day and also to take the daily actions needed (like exercise, meditation, healthy eating, sufficient sleep) that ensure I can function at an optimal level each day.

  • Megan Espinosa

    Quality time with family and friends is how I celebrate the highs and navigate through the lows

  • Rachel Meyers

    I have a few techniques for handling the highs and lows of life. I find spending time in nature and being able to disconnect is super important as well as spending time with friends and pets.

  • Valerie Huels

    I talk to a few close friends, including my husband, when I am facing any challenge, good or bad. It helps to share.