Why Is Contraception Still “Women’s Work”?

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Why do women have so many birth control options, but men only have two? Laci Green, a sex education activist, says in part, because society still perceives contraception as “women’s work.” In this video, she gives us the low-down on where science is regarding new birth control methods for men, and what more options would mean for gender roles.

This video is part of a weekly series by Laci and MTV called Braless, which gives an “uninhibited take on all things pop culture and internet.”

  • Bonnie Lee

    I would be one of the 2% of women who dont trust the man to actually use it . Who gets stuck with the pregnancy if they “forget”, or lie about it? Not them. Men can, and do, just walk away if they dont want to deal with an unwanted pregnancy. Maybe they get stuck paying child support, but probably not even that. The number of single mothers out there pretty much says it all.