When Skinny Dames Made Men Vamoose… #ThrowbackThursday

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Despite the images that brands like Target use in their fashion advertising today, there was actually a time when “thigh gap” was NOT something to celebrate or aspire to. In fact, “skinny dames” were the pariahs of society, called out as unglamorous, unsexy, unpopular, beanpoles whose slight frames made men head for the hills.

In this installment of #ThrowbackThursday, we look at the good ol’ days of advertising when skinny was a really bad thing for a woman to be.

skinny vintage_ad-5

skinny vintage_ad-6

skinny women_vintage_ad_1

skinny vintage_ad_4

  • Joyce

    The women in these old adds and pictures look so much more normal than the very thin and “skinny” types of today. Even the artists of yesteryear painted their women with a little meat on their frames. Too thin is not good. Let’s hear it for a little weight on the body!!!

  • MaryBalerry

    Though I agree a healthy body is most attractive, the blatant shaming of underweight women is what’s disgusting. So is shaming of overweight women. And shaming of short women and tall women and any other type of body same from skin color to hair to whatever else they’ll come up with next to make women feel they aren’t enough.