What You Need To Know About Those “Selfie Girls”

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By Kelly Holmes – There’s this thing we do lately. Parents shame their kids on Facebook or Youtube when they step out of line, people shame moms for nursing their hungry babies in a restaurant, and on and on, and now THIS.

Maybe you watched this video when it came across your feed. And maybe you rolled your eyes or shook your head at how the girls behaved during the baseball game. Honestly? I did.

But those “selfie girls” reminded me of something important.

Here’s what you should know.

1. The audience at the baseball game was ASKED to tweet selfies as part of a contest.

2. So these girls in the audience…took selfies. In other words, they participated in the event that was designed to engage the crowd.

3. By the looks of it, the girls had fun. They were being silly. Enjoying themselves. For this, the announcers mocked them. Shamed them. Their mockery went viral, and these girls had their faces plastered all over social media.

4. To apologize for the viral shaming incident, Fox Sports and the Arizona Diamondbacks offered free tickets to the girls.

5. The girls declined the free tickets. Instead, they asked Fox and the Diamondbacks to donate the tickets to families at A New Leaf, a non-profit that supports victims of domestic violence. Plus, with October being Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the girls used their newfound SHAME-FAME to encourage people to donate to the cause.

That sounds like the behavior of a girl I’d be proud to call my daughter.

Well played, girls. And thank you for reminding me that I don’t always have the full story.

Sources: Slate and Mic

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  • Ann

    Even if those things weren’t the case, who cares that they were taking selfies? They’re just selfies. Let them do what they want to do.

  • fidgefodge

    They didn’t just take a selfie and send it in, it seemed like it was over 30 minutes that they were doing multiple selfies, trying to look “ahmaazing”. Preening and being the typical self involved individual. I’m guessing these are the same type of kids who text while driving, or take selfies while driving.

    • katietaylor

      What? I’m truly sorry for whatever has happened in your life to make you so judgmental of pretty women. I’d suggest seeking counseling treatment for whatever rejection you’re sadly basing your preconceived biases on. If you actually watched the clip instead of freaking out, they showed them for a minute at the most. Not “30 minutes.” There’s no proof any of them are texting while driving. I did pageants most of my life, was also in a sorority, and have never once used a phone while driving. Ever. These women are obviously fun-loving women who were simply responding to a selfie request made in an announcement, and are heavily involved in the community. Again, I’m sorry for whatever happened in your life to make you such a hateful bully, but that’s no excuse to take your anger out on others. I’d suggest looking for treatment and getting involved in the community around you to better the world like these women are.

      • Benjamin Bezemer

        Nice ad hominem answer, seems like you took it a bit too personal there miss.

      • goorru

        I love a good ironic statement.

  • Timelover

    If the audience were asked to take selfies, then wouldn’t the announcers know about it?
    I smell a bullsh*t cover up.

    • goorru

      They might have asked them to send pics between the inning NEVER during the game.

  • goorru

    The game was going on at the time. Teams never ask you to take selfies while the game is in progress, they do it at the end of an inning.

  • Its_My_Fault

    uuugggh not buying it…your story is as bogus as those girls. What a shameful cover up.

  • jpiper

    I don’t smell a cover up. This isn’t Watergate. Even if the audience was asked to take selfies in-between innings and the girls kept taking them into the game, who cares? Do we really expect every person at a baseball game be interested in the game? I love baseball, but it can be boring. That’s why these gimmicks and contests for fans exist, to keep them entertained. That sports announcer should be ashamed. He’s nothing more than an ex-jock picking on girls. What a loser.

  • Meleia Jennine Rouland-Taylor

    why do people care? clearly they are enjoying themselves. it amazes me how much people care about silly things like this but allow a government to remove your rights and freedoms under your nose and no one says a thing….. oh wait! they are too busy worrying about young girls taking selfies thats right! smh