“What Is Love?” Meet Bill & Glad [VIDEO]

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All week we have been sharing stories about love… the love of friendship, how it can be defined, what we can do to preserve it and how not to show it. But, if you are still questioning “What is Love?” this video will give you all of the answers that you need.

Meet Bill and Glad, who have been married for fifty years. The vows they made are being tested to the fullest extent, but the promises they are keeping is what true love is all about. It’s a love story like none other.

  • Tara

    Wow, this story brought back so many memories, and brought tears to my eyes. The caregiver of an Alzheimer’s patient is a very, very special person. Like Bill and Glad, my parents were married over 50 years. I saw my Father take care of my Mother who had Alzheimer’s. As Bill, he did everything for my Mom for years, until I got a call one day from the visiting nurse who told me that it was no longer my Mother she was worried about, but my Dad. He was becoming too frail to care for her. At that point my brothers, sister and I had to make the most difficult decision of our lives – putting our Mother into a nursing home so that our Dad would be able to get some much needed rest. But that didn’t stop Dad. He drove the 10 miles every day to visit my Mother; would spend hours with her; and then would return to his house. He missed her very much, and because he loved her so much, he was determined to still do things for her even though she was no longer with him at their house. He wheeled her around, played cards with her, watched TV, etc. He did this until she passed away. He never left her unless he kissed her. I loved to watch him do that.

    Bill and Glad definitely have true love. God Bless Bill for his steadfast love and devotion. I pray that God keeps him strong so he can continue to care for his beloved Glad.

    • WYSK

      Tara… the entire WYSK team would like to thank you for sharing your beautiful story about your parents with us, another couple who clearly defined and lived the meaning of true love.

  • Hannah

    It’s incredibly inspiring to know that this type of love exists and it’s worth holding out for!