Veteran Police Officer Nakia Jones Delivers Powerful Response To Fatal Shooting Of Alton Sterling

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Veteran Ohio Police Officer Nakia Jones, who joined the force in 1996 and wears “that blue uniform proudly,” posted an impassioned response to the fatal shooting of Alton Sterling on her Facebook page yesterday. Over the course of her 7-minute video, she delivers a powerful message.

  • Tina

    Yes ma’am! She has nailed it!

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  • Alice

    Nakia Jones, thank you for serving. Amazing video. Thank you for having the integrity, guts, and heart to do what you do and to say this.You are so right. These racist cops have got to go. They need to be screened out before given a badge or wasting a penny of public money on their training. We need more women mayors like Oakland’s Libby Schaaf, who are willing to clean house in their PDs, because they are not there to be supervising a frat house. Or a KKK.

  • NameCantBeBlank

    She needs to be on national TV. STAT!

  • kcdad

    If you are afraid or prejudiced TAKE OFF THE UNIFORM.

  • K. Murphy

    Thank you Maam! I am proud to have an officer like you in my state.

  • C. Mitchell

    Somebody please put her in charge of everything! Nakia Jones, thank you for your truth.