Venus And Serena Williams Slip Broadcaster’s Mind, But Andy Murray Sets Him And Olympic Tennis Record Straight

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And the gold medal for “Selective Memory” when it comes to women’s achievements in Olympic history goes to John Inverdale. The pro, who gets paid to know the facts about the sports he’s covering, gave a fact-lacking performance that stunned viewers… then Great Britain’s Andy Murray served up the truth and the world (that we live in) rejoiced.

On Sunday night, during a post-tennis finals interview with Murray, the BBC Sport presenter said to the gold medal winner, “You’re the first person ever to win two Olympic tennis gold medals,” and then asked, “That’s an extraordinary feat, isn’t it?” In response, Andy was quick to point out to Inverdale, “Well, to defend the singles title. I think Venus and Serena have won about four [gold medals] each.”

Yes, they most certainly have, Andy, and thanks for setting the record straight.

Here are the women’s respective Olympic gold medal counts:

Serena Williams

London 2012 (doubles women)
London 2012 (singles women)
Beijing 2008 (doubles women)
Sydney 2000 (doubles women)

Venus Williams

London 2012 (doubles women)
Beijing 2008 (doubles women)
Sydney 2000 (doubles women)
Sydney 2000 (singles women)

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    Once again Andy Murry being awesome. Love this guy.

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