Umbrella Day: 5 Cool Umbrellas That Will Make You Want It To Rain

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Arguably one of the world’s most invaluable inventions, the basic umbrella has been around for over 4,000 years… the ancient Egyptians used parasols to protect the skin of the nobility from sunlight; the Chinese were the first to waterproof theirs (they waxed and lacquered paper parasols for use as rain protection).

Today, these personal, portable canopies still serve the same purposes, but have come a long way in design. We’re celebrating them today – Umbrella Day (yeah… it’s a thing) – with a look at 5 cool umbrellas that will make you want it to rain… or sleet… or shine!

It’s no use carrying an umbrella if your shoes are leaking. – Irish Proverb

Forecast Umbrella


A foolproof way to make that agonizing decision before you leave the house… “Should I take an umbrella?” Using existing wi-fi technology to wirelessly pull information from the internet, Forecast’s lighted umbrella handle glows more intensely with the increased chance of precipitation offering a clear and unobtrusive signal to you to grab it before you head out.

Goggles Umbrella

Goggles Umbrella

Weird, wacky, fun… and useful! The Goggles Umbrella offers full protection from the elements with a handy peek-a-boo window so you can actually see where you’re going as you navigate through the storm. We’re pretty sure the periscope topper is just decorative… but imagine if it really worked!?

The Backpack Umbrella

backpack umbrella

The umbrella of every urbanite’s dreams… the Backpack Umbrella is worn on your back, giving you hands free rain and sun protection.

Cup Holder Umbrella

Cup holder umbrella

In an epic style meets function mashup, the Cup Holder Umbrella is designed, presumably, for the on-the-go, caffeine addicted, multi-tasker. When you’re not toting your triple espresso through the wet mess being hurled at you by the next Polar Vortex (you know it’s coming), you can slip the umbrella’s ergonomic cup holder over your wrist for super easy transportability.

Polite Umbrella

The Polite Umbrella is a pay-it-forward parasol like none other. With a simple tug here and a tug there, it lets you morph its shape so you can reduce how much space you and your personal canopy are taking up on a bustling sidewalk out of respect for your fellow citizens of the world.

Its jellyfish-like shrinkablilty also helps to increase your maneuverability in tight spaces (like when you have to pass the dude with the 40′ wide golf umbrella who ain’t gonna “share the space”). Check it out in action below… SO COOL!!!!

Lead image: The iconic Morton Salt Umbrella Girl who has known how to rock an umbrella for the last 100 years. Happy 100th Birthday to her!

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