Top 10 Worst & Most Bizarre Valentine’s Day Gifts

Cupid's Bent Arrow
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Poor Cupid… every February 14 his arrow continues to be bent and twisted by marketers. They redirect its aim from inspiring real expressions of love to encouraging empty consumerism. They offer us “stuff” (the heart-ier and redder the better) through which to pour out our feelings. It runs the gamut from the cliché and cheesy to the very, very wrong.

So we decided to seek retribution for the Roman god of love by rounding-up our picks for Top 10 Worst & Most Bizarre Valentine’s Day Gifts being peddled this year.

Our Top 10 include gifts you are going to wish you NEVER receive and gifts we hope you think twice about EVER giving.

Top 10 Worst & Most Bizarre Valentine’s Day Gifts


1. Red Heart Shaped Lovers Mitten

The Etsy retailer offering this item suggests that you “snuggle down for warm romantic walks” with it. We suggest that you do yourself a favor and never voluntarily choose to be seen in public using this.

Red Heart Shaped Lovers Mitten

2. Mustache Love Pin says this is a great gift for V-day because the woman who receives it can “show a little mustache love”. Do you know a single woman who wants to show her little mustache any love or advertise that she has one?

Mustache Love Pin


3. At Home Personal Waxing Kit

Speaking of lady ‘staches and other hair raising notions, this item is listed as one of the “Valentine’s Day Gifts – Top Picks” on and we can’t think of a bigger V-day gift blunder. Calling attention to our body hair and giving us the not-so-subtle hint that you’d like us to remove it, via self-administered torture, will NOT work in your favor.

Bliss Poetic Waxing Kit

4. Deer Head Hook

Another “Valentine’s Day Gifts – Top Picks” from falls strangely into the faux-taxidermy category. They say, “What a deer.” We say, “Oh dear! What ever made you think that I would willingly want to put my keys on a lopped-off-animal-head mounted to the wall?”

Deer Head Hook

5. F-Bomb Paperweight

Uncommon Goods is one of our go-to sites for all things unique, but we think they missed the love mark by recommending this as a Valentine’s Day Gift “For Boyfriend”. We imagine the accompanying heartfelt presentation going something like this, “Honey… you and your filthy potty mouth are so special to me. Happy f*%$ing Valentine’s Day!”

f-bomb paperweight

6. Heart Takes Flight Wedge

Hearts AND wings? We’re in Valentine’s Day hell with this foot gear that is trying to pass off as a shoe. They say it’s supposed to make our “entire being palpitate”. Just what we want… a gift that makes us suffer a heart arrhythmia AND a major fashion emergency, simultaneously.

Heart Takes Flight Wedge

7. Coco Bear Jumbo Caramel Apple

Chocolate… ok. A caramel apple on a stick… maybe. A stuffed bear with a heart… not so much, unless you are under age 13. When you put them all together, you just get a super cheesy mess. There is nothing “deliciously elegant” about this Mrs. Prindable’s.

Coco Bear Jumbo Caramel Apple

8. I Totally Heart You T-shirt

This T-shirt from takes the “heart” concept to a creepy Silence Of The Lambs level. Aside from that, we prefer you wear your heart on your sleeve, not on the outside of your chest.

I Totally Heart You T-shirt

9. Candy G-String

Spencer’s says, “The candy necklace of your childhood gets an erotic upgrade with this super-sweet and super-sexy Candy Lingerie.” We say, “Well thank you VERY MUCH for ruining a perfectly lovely childhood memory.”

Candy G-string

10. Hoodie Footies lists its “Foxy Hoodie Footie” as a “Valentine’s Day Favorite for Women”. Yep… that’s right, nothing says “SEXY” like a grown woman in full body, footie PJs complete with a hood, animal ears, and a fox tail embroidered on the back. Are they serious? To prove they are, we threw in a shot of the guy version. Guess they want us ALL to look ridiculous on Valentine’s Day.

Hoodie Footies

Our advice, do Cupid a favor and stick to simply saying “I love you!”

  • Tara

    Definitely really good “worst” gifts!! If I had to choose my “worst” from this list of worsts, it would definitely be the hair removal kit! Are they kidding? Actually, on second thought, if I ever got any one of these as a Valentine’s Day gift, I would throw him out with it!

  • Hannah

    I really don’t know where to start with this, but the teddy bear on the mountain of dung may be the worst of all, instead of a message of love, it could come across as a message of passive aggressiveness… “our relationship is like a big pile of crap?”… oh my… I feel for anyone that may get this.

  • Leah

    I will never understand this obsession with the adult onesie.

  • Guy from Hells Kitchen

    Talk about wacky gifts. A guy on TV said he gave a remote car starter to his wife for Valentines Day. Several people mocked him but one woman thought it was a great gift. She recalled getting into an ice cold car in the middle of the winter and would have loved it if someone had started her car for her and warmed it up. Not a sexy gift but very thoughtful. What ever spins your wheels.