Thyroid 101: Watch & Learn

Dr. Jennifer Ashton of ABC's The Revolution
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The Thyroid. What is it? Where is it? What does it do? If you, like so many women, answered “I don’t know” to any of these questions then we urge you to watch or set your DVR to ABC Daytime’s new talk show, The Revolution, this Friday, February 10th (2:00pm et/1:00pm pt/c). As the show’s mission is to transform the lives of viewers from the inside out, Dr. Jennifer Ashton, Board-certified OB-GYN, leading women’s health expert and show co-host, will guide viewers through an important and informative women’s health segment called “Thyroid 101”.

Dr. Ashton will be joined by three dynamic women whose lives have each been affected by a different thyroid disease diagnosis. You’ll hear how they came to discover their thyroid issues, how they coped and where they are today. We’re very proud to share that one of the founders of Women You Should Know, who was diagnosed in 2006 with Graves’ Disease (a form of hyperthyroidism), is one of the three women featured in the segment.

Watch and learn. Every woman owes it to herself to be her own health advocate.

About The Revolution:

The Revolution is ABC Daytime’s new one-hour daily talk show that transforms the lives of viewers from the inside out. The show features a stellar “dream team” of experts who will help complete transformations in all areas of life, including body, health, style, mind and environment. Featuring design expert Ty Pennington, style guru Tim Gunn, celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak, OB-GYN Dr. Jennifer Ashton and therapist Tiffanie Davis Henry, EdD. The Revolution is your daily boost, whether you’re looking for inspiration to accomplish little victories or in need of a road map for a major change.

Photo courtesy of ABC/Lorenzo Bevilaqua.
  • Jean

    This is so true. Not many of us know much about the thyroid unless we develop a condition or disease associated with it. So, I will definitely be watching.

  • Paula

    I have two friends in their 40s who recently developed thyroid issues, which is the only reason I now know anything about it. Prior to that, I had no idea how critical it was to overall health. Women should be better educated on thyroid health. DVR set!

  • ynkt

    The Revolution sounds like all of the current talk shows rolled into one. Maybe I’ll just save time and only watch the one show. 🙂

  • oren

    Who is the cute, giant girl in the middle? Is her name “Hyper”?
    TIVO = set

  • Alice

    It is so brave of these women to go on national tv and share their very important stories. You bet I will be tuning in!

  • KT

    Dr. Jennifer Ashton is great. I’ve seen her a few other times on TV and was very impressed. I’ll definitely tune in…or more likely DVR it to watch later.

  • Danielle B

    I learned about the thyroid when I was in fourth grade. My best friend got thyroid cancer and had to have it removed. A few other people in my family have thyroid issues but I am not educated enough about it at all, so I will be watching!