This Is What Mansplaining Looks Like

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mansplain (v.): (of a man) explains something to someone, typically a woman,  in a manner regarded as condescending or patronizing.  – Oxford Dictionaries

Sadly, most women have been on the receiving end of mansplaining. You know, when a man interrupts or speaks over a woman to explain something that she already knows. Often times it’s when men interrupt or presume to correct a woman who is speaking of her own experience or expertise, implying that he knows best.

This public service announcement from ATTN, which perfectly illustrates the problem, is calling on men to stop mansplaining and talking over women. The video kicks off with a scene from Sex in the City, featuring Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) being mansplained during a meeting, and goes on to show real life examples, including clips from CNN, ABC News, Project Greenlight, among others.

“Studies show that men dominate 75 percent of conversation in decision-making groups. And when women are talking they are more likely to be interrupted.”

The video has been viewed more than 25,000,000 times. So hopefully the message is being heard, but just in case it’s not… keep sharing!

  • Just Me

    I had a male boss who would say, I will have to check that with such and such (whatever relevant male board member) despite the fact that every single time I gave him information I was proved to be 100% correct. I was always right because I would thoroughly research whatever the subject was, just so he couldn’t come back to me and tell me so and so said it was wrong. I finally said to him, “you do that because I’m a woman, don’t you?” He was so taken aback, he didn’t know what to say. Unfortunately, he still kept doing it to me, even after I called him on it.

    • JM_Wonn

      Or he doesn’t trust you enough to make a decision based solely on your word.

      • Just Me

        no because time and time again I was proved right. I never would insist I was right unless I was absolutely sure. He never questioned such things when they came from men, even if the man was wrong.

        • JM_Wonn

          That you did your research and believe you were proven right, doesn’t change the fact that he didn’t trust you. I suspect that he probably wouldn’t agree that you were ‘proved right’ every time.

        • lemieuxmc

          And then you tell the boss that you’re going for a new job because you are finished wasting your time when he asks you a question but he doesn’t believe your answers… see, that’s how a man handles that kind of shit.