This Charming Charlie: Morrissey Peanuts Mashup

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Graphic designer Lauren LoPrete has created This Charming Charlie, a mashup of classic Peanuts comic strips with lyrics penned by Morrissey. The results are nothing short of brilliant!

Lauren explained to WYSK “I’ve always been a fan of The Smiths and Peanuts – an old gig poster for a 1986 Smiths show in Chicago inspired the blog, it features Charlie Brown laying on the ground saying “why why why?”. I figured I would see how many lyrics I could connect to the comics, and it’s worked out quite well.”

Um, yeah!


lucy joan of arc


lucy bed



snoopy bored



Images reproduced with permission

Lauren LoPreteAbout Lauren

Lauren lives and works in San Francisco. She’s is a multidisciplinary designer focused in visual design, iconography, UI/UX design, typography and branding. She is committed to educating and engaging people through insightful design.When Lauren’s not pushing pixels, she co-runs a record label, called Loglady with her boyfriend Jason.

  • gargouille

    Who knew that the dark ironies of these two art forms would overlap so well? I want to see Depeche Mode take on Dr. Seuss (both so quirky and hopeful)!