They’re Baaaaaack… Press On Nails Make A Hip Resurgence

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It’s 1985 and you’re watching Moonlighting when they cut to commercial and that familiar, graceful hand fills your screen… “they press on in seconds… no glue, no mess” (click here for a trip down memory lane). Though the beloved Lee Press On Nails fell out of style as acrylic tips clawed their way onto the professional manicure scene in the 90’s, a 21st century version of the super sticky tab/plastic nail innovation is making a cool comeback thanks to MAC, the ultra glam cosmetics company, and Ruffian, the cult favorite New York clothing line.

The buzz in the beauty blogosphere is that MAC used press on nails during a Ruffian Fashion Week runway show to give models a quick manicure. And now the brands have collaborated to bring the backstage beauty trick to MAC counters this summer with “a collection of super-chic press-ons in varying takes on the signature Ruffian half-moon manicure”, according to

No word on pricing yet, but the kits of 24 self-adhesive, press-on nails will be available for a limited time on starting June 18th. Based on the color options in this picture, glamazons and fashionistas looking to make a bold style statement without the hassle of a time consuming manicure will be rejoicing. Are you in?

  • Mona

    Isn’t there an old saying: “What’s old is new again”! So nails are going retro? Who would have thought with all of the new clever manicure gimmicks (gelish polish, acrylics, wraps) that we’d be going back to press on nails. These look like they’d be really nice if you need a quickie manicure for a big event and no time to spend getting one, but will they stay in place longer than the old “Press on Nails” did? I look forward to finding out.