The ‘Hood Series: Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Mommas

Pregnant Woman Silhouette
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Worth The Wait: After trying to have a baby for more than 30 years, a 61 year old Brazilian woman gives birth for the first time to twins. [Read more: NY Daily News]

Milk Maid: A 28 year old mother from Texas breaks the Guinness World Record for “Most Breast Milk Donated” with 11,115 ounces (almost 86.8 gallons) pumped to help feed preemies across the US [Read more: Huff Post]

Baby Machine: A 46 year old Nigerian woman gives birth to triplets in her 12th successive childbirth [Read more: News 24 Nigeria]

  • Jean B.

    My hat goes off to Alicia Richman. To have pumped all of this breast milk and then donated it, is truly a worthwhile deed.

  • Alice

    Holy momma!