The Fashionable Side Of “Wearing Your Food”

Charlotte Olympia_Gold Plated Croissant Clutch
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Food. Beyond providing basic sustenance, tempting our taste buds, and satisfying our cravings, it has become an ENORMOUS part of our culture. We have countless magazines and blogs that celebrate it, a 24/7 TV network devoted to it, legions of “foodies” who elevate the experience of eating to an art form, as well as a new breed of pop icon, the celebrity chef. But we had NO IDEA that “wearing your food” has become fashionable too.

Clearly we’re not referring to sporting accidental remnants of a favorite meal on your shirt. We’re talking about making a style statement with real wearable items that pay homage to all-things-edible.

Here are our Top 15 picks of the most interesting food inspired fashion and accessories for women… though some qualify as totally tasteless in our book.

“Wearing Your Food”

Lead image features the Gold Plated Croissant Clutch by Charlotte Olympia.


Sriracha Platforms

Sriracha Rock Out Platforms by Hourglass Footwear

Hamburger Dress

Hamburger Dress by Joy Kampia

Petit Blueberry Cake Ring

Petit Blueberry Cake Ring by Q-pot

Mini Marshmallow Bracelet

Mini Marshmallow Bracelet by Lunacy Boutique

Tekka Maki Sushi Ring

Tekka Maki Sushi Ring by Carolyn Tille for Bento Box Bling

Egg Purse

Lamb Skin Egg Purse

Donuts Are A Girls Best Friend Scarf

Donuts Are A Girls Best Friend Scarf by Joy Kampia

Chocolate Cake iPhone Case

Chocolate Cake iPhone Case

Cookie Rings

Cookie Rings by Petit Plat

Blueberry Scone and Jam Necklace

Blueberry Scone and Jam Necklace by Q-pot

Yellow Peeps Earrings

Yellow Peeps Earrings by Bit Of Sugar

Wine & Cheese Ring

Wine & Cheese Ring by SouZou Creations

TV Dinner Brooch

TV Dinner Brooch by Roscata

Spaghetti Dress with Meatball Necklace

Spaghetti Dress with Meatball Necklace_Jeremy Scott’s Fall 2006 Collection

  • millie

    The only two of these food “gems” that make any sense are the Peep earrings and the Gold Plated Croissant Clutch, although I don’t think I would spend $1,700 for it.

  • um…why?

  • Dejuitsi

    I’d wear those rings if they were Ritz crackers.

  • melissa

    The spaghetti and meatball dress is indicative of how I feel after eating a large bowl! So funny.