Swedish Artist Draws Disney Princesses In The Fashion Of Their Films’ Times

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21 year old Swedish artist and animation student, Beatrice Lorén, just gave the official line-up of 11 Disney Princesses one of the coolest and most clever style transformations we have ever seen. Goodbye sparkles, frills, corsets, and seashell bras… hello fit and flare dresses, cardis, jeans and oxford shirts.

On her Deviant Art page, Bea says, “I present to you, all the official Disney Princesses, in the fashion of the year their representative films premiered. This took forever, seriously, had to do a lot of research and stuff. But it was really fun to draw.”

The very talented WYSK also offers some perspective on the clothing choices she made for each Princess, “I went for what was that is accurate for the time AND what I think the girls would personally wear. If you don’t agree with me that’s fine, but remember that fashion is really personal and it’s different around the world (I’m Swedish, so this is how I have seen it).”

We think she nailed it. Brava Bea!

Which newfangled Princess is your favorite?

Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel

Bea 1


Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas

Bea 2


Mulan, Tiana, Rapunzel, Merida

Bea 3


Original Disney Style For Reference

Disney Princesses

You can find Bea on:

Deviant Art, Facebook, Tumblr

  • Sara Flossy Brown

    Pocahontas in Clueless-style is brilliant.

  • JESilverstein

    I love that the artist cut and colored Rapunzel’s hair. Brilliant!

    • WomenYSK

      We LOVED that too!!!

      • Tarabyte

        It’s actually the hairstyle that Rapunzel ends up with in the movie, after her hair gets cut off. Spoiler alert! 😉

  • Michael Gerard

    Ariel is the most accurate with regard to time/clothing style.

    • яoxanne

      I think Rapunzel is pretty spot on too. The floral dress fits Rapunzel’s bubbly personality really well.

  • Carolyn Anne Tullis Schonsett

    I love Ariel, she’s spot on. I like Merida’s outfit (seems fitting for her style wise), but I think she would wear more colors. 🙂 That said, I LOVE this, and what a great job on your drawings! How much fun was this research 🙂

  • gargouille

    I’d like to see Belle in pants. Pearls, yes, but also pants. I especially like how much the clothes root the girls in history. If we could only think of them that way, stuck in the era of their Disney creation, then they’d look a lot less universal.

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