Straight/Curve Film: A Documentary About The World Of Plus-Size Modeling

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“When, how, and why did size zero become the norm when two thirds of women are considered ‘plus-size’ sitting between a size 10 to 14?”

That’s the question Director Jenny McQuaile aims to examine through the documentary she’s making with producers Frances Simonovich and Jessica Lewis, a Canadian model who has spent over 15 years as a straight-size and plus-size model. Their film Straight/Curve, set for a summer 2016 release, will give a behind the scenes look at the world of plus-size modeling by “following the plus size models diversifying the global fashion industry and redefining society’s beauty standards.”

“This generation of models is ready to usher in a new definition of beauty — one that is all inclusive and supports positive body ideals and self-acceptance,” said Lewis. “The fashion industry needs to be reflective and representative of the diversity that exists in present-day society.”

h/t: Makers