Sporty Style: The NFL & NBA Focus On Female Fans With Fashion Deals

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On Monday two major merchandise and marketing deals were announced by the NFL and the NBA that are targeting female fans, specifically the style conscious. While the NFL is cooking up some sort of secretive, still-in-the-works apparel deal with the high-end, womenswear fashion label Marchesa, the NBA signed a licensing deal with sports fashion footwear maker HERSTAR™ to offer two styles of sky high, ladies’ platform heels in 30 NBA team logo/color combinations. Nothing says “Go Knicks” like a bedazzled, bright orange and blue, platform shoe. We’d love to meet the women who are prepared to navigate the steep, stadium seating stairs of Madison Square Garden in a pair of these. Better yet, we’d really love to see Amar’e Stoudemire try to dunk in them.

According to the LA Times, “fashion-forward football fans can expect to see some sort of limited-edition shirt from Marchesa — a label better known for the runway than the sidelines — released in collaboration with the NFL. League representatives confirm that there is, indeed, something in the works with that luxury label, but they declined to offer any additional details as to price, availability or even what kind of shirts (T-shirts? fancy tops?) we might expect to see.” Whatever the item turns out to be, the fashion industry trade paper WWD reported that it “will make its debut during the NFL’s two weeks of kickoff festivities in New York planned around the Sept. 5 New York Giants-Dallas Cowboys opener.”

In related, women based sports marketing news, the NFL also has plans to unveil a female-focused print advertising campaign this September that will feature high-profile football fans like former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, mogul spouse Melania Trump, Olympic swimmer Summer Sanders, former Miss USA Susie Castillo, owner spouse Suzanne Johnson (husband Woody owns the New York Jets) and “Dancing With the Stars” dancers Peta Murgatroyd and Kym Johnson.

herstar_NBA_Miami_Heat_high_heel_suede_pumpsBut, let’s get back to the NBA HERSTAR™ shoes, which we don’t know whether to admire as sculpture or fear as weapons of mass destruction targeting women’s feet and good fashion sense. Female basketball fans looking to make a BIG style statement (of sorts) can choose from a limited-edition, crystal-encrusted pump with a 6-inch heel and 3-inch platform ($274.99) or a more demure microsuede version that has a “modest” 4-inch heel and 1-inch platform ($99.99). They’ve got a shoe for every team in the league in both styles, so everyone is a winner (depending on how you look at it).

When it comes to fashion we say to each her own, but the only redeeming quality we can find with these shoes is that they are made by hand. Maybe Marchesa and the NFL will get it right on the apparel side.

  • Alex

    Just saw story on this on Forbes Woman. Interestingly they say the following:
    “Yesterday after the NBA’s press release, Herstar’s sales jumped 400 percent on daily volume; traffic for the company’s website, where the shoes are primarily sold, jumped from a typical 4,000 daily hits to 35,000 hits. In total the company has sold enough pairs of heels to cover the initial $30,000 upfront license fee the NBA required and is already profitable. Current customers include the Orlando Magic’s Dwight Howard and Daniel Orton, while the top three sales markets are the San Antonio Spurs, Los Angeles Lakers and the Oklahoma City Thunder.”

    And… “Vicky Picca, the NBA’s senior vice president of licensing and business affairs, said the league and more importantly its 25 million female NBA fans in the US couldn’t be happier.”

    I was SHOCKED! Who is going to wear these… guess I have a much different sense of style than these other female NBA fans.

    • GraceC2

      From the look of these shoes, makes sense that 2 of their top 3 sales markets are San Antonio and LA. I’m sure Miami is not far behind.

  • Alice

    OMG! These are so scary. Do you think they will try to make the WNBA players wear versions for their teams to make the sport “sexier” like they tried to make the women’s badminton team wear skirts in the Olympics? Oh dear.

  • Serena

    I smell a design lawsuit from Christian Louboutin. As much as I like a good basketball game, I’ll stick with the original of this shoe thank you. 🙂

  • Brix

    I think they are kind of cool… a good option for fans who want to sport their team colors in a sexy way.

  • Thia

    How about some flats?

  • ALJ

    Definitely not my style! If they came out with flats, I’d wear the Giant’s colors around the house while watching the game on TV.