Some Of The Subtle (And Not So Subtle) Sexist Comments Women Hear In A Lifetime

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“Don’t be so bossy. Don’t be a slut. Why are you getting so emotional? It must be that time of the month. You must have been beautiful when you were younger.”

Most of us have been on the receiving end of sexist comments. Sadly, it’s commonplace for women walking through the world. In this video from HuffPo, girls and women deliver the sexist messages that we are frequently subjected to.

Watching and hearing them consecutively like this shows the harsh reality of how sexist language affects women at every stage of life.

  • To the Point

    LOL….I’m a dad and I think i’ve told my son and daughter most of those things. Don’t be so bossy, Yep, I told him to use a better tone and a less direct approach.
    Your dad will have to chase the girls away…hey..he has heard that…that is a great compliment!! You look so pretty, he hear the so handsome one and the ones where girls bother him…eye brows…yep…he had to fix those..I’ve told him not to be a slut, to drink in moderation and WHY and WHAT can HAPPEN

    Here is my point, stop being so offended. Learn how to make all of the above a positive for you and you will win!! Hell, if you smell, take a bath, if someone says wear make up and you don’t, tell them less is more…if your to bitchy ask them how so, if you have not had sex…trust me…guys want a girl who respects her self and women want men who do as well but on the flip side that really is a match for what every you are….look at Kim K. Lol….her husband and all of his friends can see her 24×7 on the internet…

    Don’t be a victim unless what is what you want to be or win with a great positive response and to do that, be prepared. So if you have fake boobs…and they ask you if they are real, Say, they are Real Nice :-). Now there are tons of mean responses but why…don’t be that person…there are already to many assholes in the world…

    enjoy live, be prepared with a positive response, you will be happy and they will love you for being you!!



    Oh…yeah…Merry Chrismas

    • To the Point

      Something else, one person’s views are their views. If you choose to say at home if you have kids…cool…you give up stuff but you get something more…your kids…if you work…instead of staying at home, you are providing, hell daycare is $$$$$$$$$$.

      I bet you were hot when you were younger…”how mean” But hey…the answer is Yes, some of us are luckier than others..better luck to you. 🙂

      Your so exotic…come on…they like you…Yes, it has it’s perks, or Oh, to look plain would be so much better…

      PS video games…lol…i play and it’s a huge waste of time, i’m glad my wife does not play…I know how to manage it…like playing early in the morning..

      I could go on…

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