Sh*t Girls Say About Hair

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In 2011, we introduced you to Graydon Sheppard and Kyle Humphrey, two 20-something Toronto comedians who whipped the viral winds of the internet into a frenzy with Sh*t Girls Say, an insanely popular Twitter account turned web series that pokes light-hearted fun at the inane phrases women supposedly use.

Well, the gents just lent their signature brand of masterful mockery to haircare giant Aussie for this commercial… a spot on reflection of how much time and energy (some) women waste on their hair. Their message, delivered with humor and hashtags, is to… #ditchthedrama ladies.

According to Adweek, Aussie recently conducted a #hairprobs survey, which found:

• Women run late an average of one day per week due to hair drama.
• One third of moms (35 percent) say their hair requires more time than their kids in the morning.
• 40 percent of women under 40 cried at least once over their hair in the past six months.
• Seven percent of women admit to avoiding getting intimate altogether to preserve their hairstyle.
• Women spend 20 minutes per day on their hair, translating to a full work week each year.

We get 1 and 5, but as for #hairprobs 2, 3 and 4… really? If these are actual issues some women have, then we consider this spot less of a commercial and more of Public Service Announcement.