Sexy Hamburger Halloween Costume Leaves Bad Taste

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[Story Update Below] Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun… certainly not everyone’s dream Halloween get-up, but a viable option for the hamburger obsessed. So if you feel compelled to be your favorite fast food this year, just know that even the “burger look” falls into the typical costume categories for men (funny) and women (sexy).

“It looks good enough to eat.”For a guy looking to make a chuckle inducing party entrance dressed as a Big Mac, he’s good to go with Gene’s Burger Costume. The cartoonish, two-piece ensemble is described by the site that offers it as, “a great food costume that includes a foam hamburger overlay and the faux megaphone.”

It’s a little whacky, a lot ridiculous. But that makes sense… you’re walking around like a life-sized burger on Halloween causing meaty mayhem. What motivation other than humor (or temporary insanity) would anyone have for making this costume choice anyway?

Well, when it comes to a woman wanting to express her inner Whopper, the Halloween costume peddlers at, have a very different idea of how she should look. Like a page ripped right out of the Carl’s Jr. marketing playbook, the hamburger costume quickly goes from “sh*ts & giggles” for him to “t*ts & ass” for her. There’s A LOT less fabric, a silhouette that hugs the body instead of engulfing it, and descriptive copy that’s more bad porn than food porn.

Sexy Hamburger Question2They call their women’s burger costume the Sexy Hamburger. We would never think to put “sexy” and “hamburger” in the same sentence, let alone want to embody whatever a “sexy hamburger” is. It’s all pretty nauseating, as is the idea of this “costume”, which barely resembles a burger, unless you know what you’re ogling… err looking at.

But here’s what the proud retailer has to say about its limited edition item, “The Sexy Hamburger Costume is a shirred tube dress with hamburger seed print on bodice and layered midsection full of hamburger topping details that are guaranteed to make anyone’s mouth water!” In the accompanying video, the spinning female model whispers in her best come hither voice, “It looks good enough to eat.” No they didn’t? Of course they did.

On that note, all that’s really left to say to anyone who thinks this is a worthwhile option for women is, “BITE ME!” Oh, and… #NotBuyingIt!


The brand behind the Sexy Hamburger costume, who apparently feels ALL press is good press, no matter the content, sent us a THANK YOU email yesterday. Here’s what they said, inclusive of a shameless sales pitch about their other “Sexy Food” costumes for women. You can’t make this stuff up!

My name is Sarah and I am with I noticed that you featured our sexy hamburger costume in a post today and I just wanted to drop a line to thank you for the post and that we find it hysterical! Thank you for giving us proper credit as well.

We don’t stop at the sexy hamburger… This year we added the sexy pizza, sexy french fries and sexy cookie to round out the sexy food category. You can find them all here.

Thank you again!

Kind Regards,

Sarah Chamberlain, Director of Marketing –

  • Greta

    The men’s hamburger costume looks like what people would don when they are hired to parade up and down in front of restaurants enticing clients to come into the eatery. Instead of the boards with lettering on them, it’s the buns with seeds printed on them. As far as the female hamburger costume – any woman wearing this would have to explain what she was because anyone that saw her would be asking: “What are you supposed to be?” Dumb.

    • ivlichelle

      The men’s costume is exactly that… or at least, based on a cartoon character kid who does exactly that: parade around in front of his parents burger stand in a burger costume saying inappropriate things. (Bob’s Burgers)

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  • gargouille

    This article is hilariously written. Thanks for making me laugh. Otherwise I would have cried.

  • JohnMarcotte

    I really want to buy this for my wife, just so I can repeatedly ask her to “hold the pickle” until she threatens divorce.

    The entire website is a hilarious hodgepodge of women’s costumes that are basically “Sexy [random noun].” My wife and I laughed for quite a while.

  • gargouille

    I feel moved to repost after this update….”We don’t stop at the sexy hamburger”… And why would you, once you are on the degenerate path of clothing women in grub men like to scarf down? Woman as American junk food…that might be a new low. At least take the culinary bar up a bit! I’m holding out for “sexy osso buco with risotto” or “sexy superfood algae energy shake.” (Ok, no I’m not.)

    • madscipanda

      Wow… a thank you? Really??? Bleh… if WYSK weren’t the class act it is, I’d suggest spamming them with requests for Sexy Kale, Sexy Oatmeal, Sexy Chile Lemon Water, or Sexy Lady Laughing Alone with Salad

  • Kelly R

    Let me guess… You {the author} have a really great “personality”. To me, you sound like a jealous woman who couldn’t wear this (or any other sexy costume) for Halloween. As a woman, and advocate for women’s rights, shouldn’t you support another woman’s choice to wear whatever the hell they feel comfortable in???

    • Dejuitsi

      Someone has seriously missed the point of the article…
      At least you were able to slip in some angry, unfunny and unnecessary snark. Bravo!

      *slow clap*

    • Courtney Vick

      Because she happens to think that portraying women as cheap and easy fast food is ridiculous and degrading you think she must be unattractive? First of all, I am sure she doesn’t care about your opinion. Secondly, you are falling directly into the misogynistic idea that women who are outspoken about over-sexuality are dumpy and frumpy. (This is why you need feminism!) Thirdly, the article’s author did not directly attack anyone, yet you feel the need to personally attack her? (This is why you need feminism!) Lastly, yes, women (all people), are allowed to wear what they want, but it is fact that companies, media, and mass marketing are constantly objectifying and degrading women. (This is why you need feminism!)

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