September 2nd: Log Off And Be Original For A Day!

September 2nd: Log Off And Be Original For A Day!
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The Reconnect Project issued the hyper-connected world a challenge: to disconnect from the internet for 24 hours this Sunday, September 2nd and reconnect with your own creativity. Just to be clear, that means no Twitter, no Instagram, no Facebook, no Pinterest, no web browsing AT ALL. It’s a day for all of us to rid ourselves of digital distractions and information overload, so we can get our creative juices flowing again.

As the Project organizer’s explain, “It’s not a festival. There’s no prize. No brand tie-in. Just you and your creativity.”

Up for the challenge? On September 3rd, when you log back on, share the things you created with your own brain power and imagination for others to see on the Reconnect Project’s Facebook page.

We’re hoping that some really mind blowing creations come out of this unique, global experiment.

  • Millie

    Before technology exploded none of us depended on our computers, cell phones, iPads, iPods, etc. We actually spoke with each other and had to think! What a novel idea – 24 hours without any technological interference. Let’s see how many of us can actually do it.

  • Guy from Hells Kitchen

    It’s very sad to go into a restaurant or cafe and see couples sitting together but not talking. They are both on their Ipads or Iphones apparently ignoring the person they are with. What happened to personal interaction AKA actually talking to one another? Our way of life is certainly changing but is it for the better or worse. I guess only time will tell.

  • Jen J

    I attempted and failed miserably, only because I forgot that Sunday was the Sept. 2nd. Once I realized, I had already logged on in the morning. But, I did go the rest of the day without being digitcally connected… sort of. 😉