Ruth-A-Nize Us!

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Thanks to our friends Robbie and Susan from Mypheme, the “tell it like it is” site that nurtures our sense of womanly humor, we just met Ruth. At 81 (going on 35), she defies the laws of biology and gravity… Ruth can hold a plank position for over 60 seconds, looks decades younger than she is and puts us younger women to shame. After you learn her secrets in this video, watch Mypheme’s follow-up video with Ruth (now 83), which is just as entertaining. If only her attitude was as contagious as the flu on a crowded NYC subway in December!

  • Anne

    Geez! And I thought I was doing pretty good at 68! She looks like she is younger than my younger (by 10 years) sister! Can I have some of her genes?

  • JA

    LOVE her!!!!

  • Thya S.

    If I drink wine, eat apple pie and pecan pie a la mode, will I look as good at 81 as Ruth? Worth a try… twist my arm.

  • Leah

    Wow, totally inspiring!!!

  • Phyllis Ryan

    She looks fantastic! I think I need more exercise and more wine! She is truly a wonder!

  • Cristina

    That’s amazing! No excuses anymore!!! 🙂

  • Gargouille

    She’s not the first octogenarian yogi that I’ve encountered, but that is one of the most beautiful planks I’ve ever seen! Puts me to shame. New Year’s resolution number 10?

  • Danielle B

    I will continue to drink red wine…that should do the trick! Ha! Breathe…deeply…everyday…even if the only time you have to do it is on the toilet!

  • Danielle B
    • WYSK

      Thanks Danielle! Bernice is awesome… she and Ruth really need a reality show so we can all learn how to do life well.