Roller Coaster Built In House For Sale Gives Potential Buyers An Unexpected Thrill

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What you are about to see in this video is real… footage of actual, prospective home buyers going to check out an actual house that’s for sale in Netherlands. But this is no ordinary open house.

Rather than walking through from outside to inside, and from room to room, buyers get to tour the premises via a roller coaster that’s been built throughout, solely to facilitate a quick sale. Seriously!

So when buyers show up and board the coaster, their tour starts off with a quick descent into the basement. It then heads up the stairs, through the rooms on the first and second floor and ends with a thrilling, fast downhill ride from the balcony into the garden. Woohoo!

In truth, the homeowner didn’t come up with this idea. It was the brainchild of Wefilm, a Netherlands agency that specializes in creating groundbreaking advertising content through storytelling. It’s also the kick-off to a campaign their client, real estate agency ABN AMRO, launched this month to help its customers – home owners – sell their houses fast.

Called House Promoter, every day during the month of December, one lucky ABN AMRO customer will get a super cool, attention grabbing, house selling stunt, like this one, created just for them… for free!

All we want to know is how can they possibly top this roller coaster?