Pride And Paraphernalia: 5 Jane Austen Goodies For Devoted Janeites

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On what would have been her 240th birthday, we’re celebrating Jane Austen today with an assortment of not-so-sophisticated, but downright awesome swag that pays homage to the woman considered to be one of the greatest writers in English history.

To show the world how much you love Jane… a set of 22 temporary tattoos in a variety of refined designs

Jane austen tattoos

To treat your wounds with class… a box of assorted plasters (that’s British for bandages, by the way) featuring her image or one of seven quotes from her best works


To effortlessly rid your surroundings of the most unpleasant odors… a Scent and Sensibility air-freshener


To practice genteel dental hygiene… rose flavor toothpaste


To help you rebuff a romantic suitor with power and grace or to inspire you to write the next great romance novel… a Jane Austen Action Figure

action figure