Yay, A Pink Truck For Female Truckers… NOT!

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Here we go again. We thought we’d seen it all but the folks at Mitsubishi Fuso, a division of the German company Daimler, which makes Mercedes Benz, have outdone themselves with the introduction of their new truck, designed specifically to attract a new generation of lady truck drivers.

Yep, that’s right, a pink truck for female truckers… can you hear us gagging?

pink truck interiorThe new concept truck, called the “Canna”, debuted last week at the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show to create a “more attractive place to work for women professionals in the transportation business.”

The special lady version is based on the company’s Canter light duty truck, and in addition to the pink polka-dotted exterior, the interior, reminiscent of Hello Kitty, is outfitted with “cute” elements that “are designed to appeal to women drivers.” The white and pink interior “makes the trucks more colorful in terms of cleanliness and attractiveness.”

Although there are more women truck drivers today than ever before, like so many other industries, men have predominantly dominated the field. The most recent statistics from the 2009 Census show that only 15% of all trucking industry employees were female, including admin and dispatch. However, only about 7% of truck drivers were women.

So what gives with the pink truck? According to a variety of trade news sources, the trucking industry has been experiencing somewhat of a truck driver shortage. It’s estimated that 25,000 driving positions could go unfilled this year. Industry insiders see women as an employment pool to tap into to fill the growing void.

We think it’s safe to say that a pink truck is not the best way to appeal to potential women drivers. Mitsubishi Fuso should take a cue from industry leaders and organizations such as the Women in Trucking Foundation who are encouraging women to join the ranks by providing scholarships for professional training courses and offering support through mentorships.

Hey Mitsubishi Fuso, it’s time to think beyond the pink.

  • Millie

    One of the most ridiculous concepts I’ve ever seen. They have got to be kidding!