WATCH: Photoshopping Real Women Into Cover Models

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BuzzFeed asked four women to participate in a Photoshop experiment. Each woman modeled in a professional photoshoot, and then had a photoshop expert retouch the photos, to make the women look like “cover models” … their reactions to the results will surprise you.

On this Valentines Day, let’s commit to LOVING ourselves everyday!

  • June Winsome-Smith

    Yeah, then you let a breast surgeon advertise his banner over the video . . .

    • APS

      Yeah well, it is BuzzFeed…

  • gargouille

    None of them mentioned that they look vaguely ill in the photoshopped pix. The paling effect, viewed up against real skin makes me wonder about the current obsession with zombies…as though we would all be better off bloodless and with no melanin. Michael Jackson!?!