Pants Vs. Panties: The Classic Wedding Night Joke With The Feminist Punchline

ComedyOff Beat 2 Comments

A colleague of ours was going through her grandmother’s treasures and came across a scrapbook that had this “Women’s Lib Motto” tucked inside. Based on all the other goodies it was occupying space with, she assumed the typed note to “all women” was from the 50s. So we tried desperately to find its origins to no avail, though the text has been posted to countless wedding websites and/or blogs with slight creative tweaks to the storyline.

Since this particular note is dated “anytime,” we guess it really doesn’t matter when it was written, we just dig the feminist punchline. Though we do wonder why anyone would marry someone described as a “big burly bruiser.”


  • Brilliant! I’ve sat through several wedding ceremonies/speeches this summer with horrifyingly dated “jokes” – I could have used this one! What is it about weddings that makes people feel they get to suspend the 21st century?!

  • KatherineK

    Hmm, I’m not sure that depicting a woman as the gatekeeper to sex counts as a feminist punchline.