The Fascinating Story Of Rosalind Franklin, The Unsung Hero Of DNA

The Fascinating Story Of Rosalind Franklin, The Unsung Hero Of DNA

July 18, 2016 by

The discovery of the structure of DNA was one of the most important scientific achievements in human history. The now-famous double helix is almost synonymous with Watson and Crick, two of the scientists who won the Nobel prize for figuring it out. But there’s another name you may not know: Rosalind Franklin. ... [Read More]


These Amazing Paper Art Masterpieces By Yulia Brodskaya Will Blow Your Mind

July 18, 2016 by

Before becoming a highly regarded paper artist, Yulia Brodskaya was a graphic artist and illustrator working on her computer. In 2006, she abandoned the computer and brought together her love of paper with her experience as a graphic designer to create incredible, vibrant, ... [Read More]


10 Lesser Known Reasons Why Ginger Rogers Was A Badass

July 16, 2016 by

As cartoonist Bob Thaves' famous quote about Fred Astaire goes, "Sure he was great, but don't forget Ginger Rogers did everything he did backwards...and in high heels!" So today, on what would have been the stage and screen legend’s 105th birthday, we’re celebrating 10 lesser known reasons why this "multi-talented wonder woman" was a badass. ... [Read More]


Meet The Badass Athletes Of The Women’s Football Alliance

July 15, 2016 by

In 2013 Lauren Silberman became the first woman in history to try out for the NFL. While she didn’t make the team, the attempt was a significant and inspiring statement to women and girls who dream about playing a sport that has been almost exclusively for men. But the dream doesn’t have to be limited to the NFL, today women are ... [Read More]

Wall Anchors on a White Background

Fix-It Friday: Anchors Aweigh! How To Put Anchors Into Walls

"How do you put anchor screws into the wall?" - WYSK Reader Norma NV: Great question and then some Norma... by the way, I really LOVE your name! Now back to the matter at hand. Not only are so many of us unsure of how to install anchors, but which ones to use! Plastic sleeve, self-drilling, toggle, molly bolts, etc. UGH! Above all, we’re concerned about ... [Read More]


“Choker” Does Not Mean “Choke-Her”

July 14, 2016 by

By Ariana Carpentieri  - "Choker" does not mean "choke-her," because that fashionable and malleable material stretched thin across our necks does not insinuate anything. Two weeks ago, I decided to go to a local fireworks show with my boyfriend. The place was crawling with teenagers, the thick summer air made my eyelids feel rather heavy, and game stands accompanied food trucks with lines seemingly ... [Read More]

We Just Can’t Get Enough Of This Schoolhouse Rock Sufferin’ ‘Til Suffrage Video

Sufferin’ ‘Til Suffrage: 40 Years Later, Still One Of The Grooviest Women’s History Lessons

July 13, 2016 by

This Wednesday is taking us Way Back to our childhoods. If you were a kid in the '70s or '80s you probably learned about conjunctions, the Constitution, and even how a bill becomes a law from the animated educational TV series Schoolhouse Rock. But one of our favorite episodes was Sufferin' 'Til Suffrage, which ... [Read More]

If Famous Movie Romances were Feminist

If Famous Movie Romances Were Feminist

July 13, 2016 by

“Women grow up watching movies that are all about ‘finding the one’ and falling in LOVE! But when you look back at a lot of the movie romances we obsessed over, some of them don’t really make a lot of sense. Would Meg Ryan really fall in love with the guy who ruined her business? Would Bella really have fallen so deep with Edward? What if these movie romances were a bit more…feminist?” So sex education ... [Read More]