Writer Monica Byrne’s Response To Rejection? Try, Try and Try Again!

“Of all the things I’d ever submitted to or applied for, I’d gotten only 3 percent of them. That’s a 97 percent rejection rate.”


Breastfeeding Moms Welcome

Providing a welcoming environment where breastfeeding mothers are able to sit anywhere and enjoy a pot of tea while breastfeeding… it’s a good thing.


Fix-It Friday: How To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa Retreat… Easily & Inexpensively

In honor of National Relaxation Day, home improvement pro Norma “Toolbelt Diva” Vally offers this “fix” to inspire “We The Frazzled” to kick back and de-stress.

spa bath

I’m Thinking About Alienating Everyone I Know… Ready?

“remember the days when you could have a conversation with someone and not be shunned and/or vilified for your opinion…”



Fix-it Friday with Norma Vally


Snarky Greeting Cards Reveal Sweet Sentiments

July 22, 2014 by

When a generic greeting card just won’t do the trick, check out designer Heather Abbott’s FINCH+HARE collection, which cleverly combines snarky with sweet messages that are sure to get a second look, or a stink eye. Using bold typography and folding techniques, the cards present offensive messages such as You are Awful, Santa Hates You, Your life is over, Quitter, etc., which when opened, reveal a much ... [Read More]


Emma Lazarus: The Woman Who Gave The Statue Of Liberty Her Powerful Voice

July 22, 2014 by

165 years ago today, on July 22, in 1849, famed American poet Emma Lazarus was born in New York City to a wealthy sugar refining family of Portuguese Sephardic Jewish descent. A writer from an early age, she went on to become part of the late nineteenth century New York literary elite, and at age 34 penned the inspiring sonnet that would give the Statue of ... [Read More]

everyday sexism

The Everyday Sexism Project, Because Sexism Still Exists

July 21, 2014 by

Every day, women all over the world encounter sexism. It’s not always a big moment. Sometimes it’s a minor one, a brief encounter that gets pushed aside and ignored; uncomfortable moments that have grown to become a part of our daily lives. It was after experiencing a series of sexist incidents that Laura Bates had finally had enough and ... [Read More]

saffron lamb

Meet Saffron Lamb… The Original Spice Girl Gets New Start On Life

July 21, 2014 by

At 30-something years old, Saffron Lamb got a swift, life altering kick in the gut. The British born New Yorker, who traded big city life and a BA in Design and Illustration from The London College of Fashion for... L-O-V-E, was living in North Carolina, and suffocating in the confines of a cubicle as a paralegal for her husband's family business, when their 10 year marriage soured ... [Read More]


100 Years Of Birth Control

July 21, 2014 by

Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger coined the term “birth control” in 1914, revolutionizing women’s lives in United States, and around the world. On this 100-year anniversary, the organization has created this timeline, which charts the history of contraception from 1914 to the present day. Although there are many more battles to fight, it’s encouraging to see how far we have ... [Read More]

Barbie Faire Play

Barbie Fashionistas Trade Glam Accessories For Medieval Armor Thanks To This Guy And His 3D Printer

July 18, 2014 by

Meet Man You Should Know Jim Rodda, a rock star in the hobbyist 3D printing community, and an emerging hero in the if-only-Barbie-was-represented-as-a-stronger-woman circles. Inspired indirectly by his four-year-old niece, Jim has designed 3D printed medieval armor for Barbie Fashionistas ... [Read More]


EXCLUSIVE: Samm Newman, The Young Woman Deleted By Instagram, Speaks Out

July 18, 2014 by

By Samm Newman - A lot of people know me as the "plus-size teen" accusing Instagram of size discrimination, and, by a lot of people, I mean upwards of a million! Overnight, I became the discussion on local and national news stations and websites all over America. Within days, my story made it ... [Read More]

under the stairs-pantry

Fix-It Friday: Conquering the Abyss… How To Put The Space Under The Stairs To Good Use

July 18, 2014 by

"My kitchen pantry is under the stairs! It's not closed in and my husband says he wants to make sure he does it correctly to code. I've been waiting 7 years!! While I am waiting, I put my pots and pans on a wire free standing shelf. I am constantly knocking pans back ... [Read More]