Sh*t Girls Say About Hair

Graydon Sheppard and Kyle Humphrey team up with haircare giant Aussie for this commercial… a spot on reflection of how much time and energy (some) women waste on their hair.

Sh*t Girls Say About Hair

90 Years Young: Ruth Taube Sharing Sewing Skills And Life Lessons With Those In Need

“If you try to help yourself, you’ll be on ‘easy street,’ but if you sit back and wait for the world to help you, you’ll get nowhere.”


Wonder Woman Outed On Instagram For Having Cellulite… Changes Classic Outfit

“I love it too, but I’ve been trying some new looks recently. Someone Instagrammed my butt last month…”


Street Harassment In Peru: These Men Unknowingly Catcall Their Own Mothers

“What happens in this video will teach these men a lesson.”

Street Harassment In Peru: These Men Unknowingly Catcall Their Own Mothers


Fix-it Friday with Norma Vally


Mighty Car Mashup: Artist Designs Sweet Rides For 9 Classic Superheroes Using Classic Volkswagen T1 Van

January 15, 2015 by

Superhero loving WYSK readers, meet Netherlands based designer, Chungkong. By day he's a brand identity and advertising designer, and by all other hours he's an artist, creating his own original work. His latest is this series of super cool posters that feature his vehicular vision ... [Read More]


Gloria Steinem Has A Book Club

January 15, 2015 by

You may have heard that Mark Zuckerberg recently launched a book club, but what you may not know is that legendary feminist, journalist, and social and political activist Gloria Steinem has also launched a book club of sorts called, Reading Our Way to the Revolution. ... [Read More]

Distributing Dignity

Distributing Dignity: A Mission To Get Much Needed Pads, Tampons, And Bras To Women And Girls In Homeless Shelters

January 15, 2015 by

Food, water, shelter, safety, warmth. These are just a few of the weighty concerns that homeless people have daily. But imagine being a woman or girl living on the street or in a shelter and, on top of all else, having to ration out or go without pads and tampons every month. ... [Read More]

Anna_Emily Foerg

Sisters Ask For Canned Goods Instead Of Birthday Gifts To Help Local Pantry

January 14, 2015 by

On Christmas Eve two Austin, Texas based sisters (ages 11 and 7) created food gift packages and hand-delivered them to the homeless. Around that same time, a trio of 5-year-old girls from Keego Harbor, Michigan donated their hair to children with cancer. And next week, Anna Foerg, an 8-year-old from the Lafayette, Indiana area, will be celebrating her birthday by doing ... [Read More]


From The Internet Archive: The Delightful “Diary Of A Little Girl In Old New York”

January 14, 2015 by

Internet Archive, a non-profit library offering access to more than 13 million books, movies, music and more, recently posted the Diary of a Little Girl in Old New York. The book is the 1849-1850 diary of Catherine Elizabeth Havens, a precocious ten year old girl from a prominent family in New York City. ... [Read More]

Paint Department

“Heeeeelllllloooooooo Gorgeous!” Was Not What I Asked For When I Went To Buy Paint

January 14, 2015 by

On a recent trip to a major home improvement store to pick-up the essentials for a weekend painting project, I went with a very specific list in mind and the plan was to divide and conquer. I would get the paint, and my boyfriend would get the rollers, trays, tape, brushes, etc. It was late on a Friday night, the store was relatively ... [Read More]

Barbie Chariot

#MeltTheInternet: Guy Designs 3D-Printed Barbie-Compatible Roman Chariot That Can Be Pulled By Cats

January 13, 2015 by

Back in July, we introduced you to Man You Should Know Jim Rodda, a rock star in the hobbyist 3D printing community, and an emerging hero in the if-only-Barbie-was-represented-as-a-stronger-woman circles. Inspired indirectly by his four-year-old niece, Jim designed 3D printed medieval armor for ... [Read More]


Meet Melba Liston… Self-Taught Trombone Great And Unsung Hero Of The Jazz Genre

January 13, 2015 by

By Nicole Williams Sitaraman - Melba Liston was a trombone player who was nothing less than a force of nature. In addition to being sought after for her second-to-none slide playing, she became widely revered for her jazz arrangements and compositions. She is, without question, one of the unsung heroes of the jazz genre. ... [Read More]