Is That A Threat? The Slippery Slope From Disagreement To Harassment

When Alison Leiby, a stand-up comic & writer, wrote a joke on Twitter, she wasn’t prepared for the violent and threatening responses she received from men.


Gloria Steinem’s Lost Interview With Sally Ride From 1983 Remixed And Animated In 2016

“Without a doubt, I think the worst question I have gotten was whether I cried when we got malfunctions in the simulator.” – Sally Ride, 1983

Gloria Steinem’s Lost Interview With Sally Ride From 1983 Remixed And Animated In 2016

Adventurer, Stereotype Breaker and History Maker Galia Moss

“The message that I always give is to fulfill your dreams, never ever leave your dreams unrealized.”


History-Making Olympic Legend Wilma Rudolph Inspires “The Quickest Kid in Clarksville”

“A timeless story of dreams, determination, and the power of friendship,” inspired by history-making track legend and American icon Wilma Rudolph.


Fix-it Friday with Norma Vally


The Best Country For Women Is Denmark… According To 7,000 Women

January 22, 2016 by

According to the more than 7,000 women who filled out surveys as part of U.S. News and World Report’s 2016 Best Countries rankings, the Kingdom of Denmark is perceived as the "Best Country for Women." Of the 60 countries surveyed, the Nordic nation scored the highest on a compilation of five country attributes: cares about human rights, gender equality, income ... [Read More]


Fix-It Friday New Year’s Resolution Series: Week 3… Garage Improvements

It’s week 3 of my Top 15 Ways to Get Your Home in Shape for 2016! Over the last two weeks we covered 4 ways to shape up your kitchen, and 4 ways to shape up your bathroom. This week I’m taking you into the garbage, I mean, GARAGE! My word slip is to make a point—often the garage ends up becoming a garbaaaaage room, and it shouldn’t be! I apply this notion ... [Read More]


11-Year-Old Launches #1000BlackGirlBooks Drive, Because Representation Matters

January 21, 2016 by

We know that girls can change the world, so when we heard about 11-year-old Marley Dias, and her campaign to collect #1000BlackGirlBooks, we were totally inspired. It all started when Marley, who loves to read, came home from school one day frustrated by the ... [Read More]

Girls Who Code_Founder_Lead

Girls Who Code To Host Record Number Of Summer Programs, Giving $1 Million In Scholarships

January 21, 2016 by

2016 is going to be the summer of girls… more specifically, the summer of Girls Who Code. That’s because the national non-profit founded by WYSK Reshma Saujani is teaming up with a record number of major companies and foundations for its annual Summer Immersion Program this year and providing $1 million in scholarships ... [Read More]

President Obama On The Tampon Tax

President Obama On The Tampon Tax

January 21, 2016 by

President Obama recently sat down with top YouTube creators Destin Sandlin, Ingrid Nilsen and Adande Thorne to answer questions regarding health care, minimum wage, marriage equality, gun control, education, and a slew of other topics concerning the American people. In his interview with Ingrid Nilsen, the President confessed that he had no idea ... [Read More]


Bipasha Shom Is On A Mission To “GivePhotos” To Those Who Have None

January 20, 2016 by

For many of us our personal photographs are among our most prized possessions. They help us remember the stories and people that have shaped our lives, as well as provide a lasting archive for future generations. But in some parts of the world, people have no personal photos at all, which is what what inspired Bipasha Shom ... [Read More]


After Receiving Hate Comments, Artist Ayqa Khan Took To Tumblr “To Talk About Body Hair”

January 20, 2016 by

Ayqa Khan, a 20-year-old, Brooklyn-based digital illustrator and photographer, was featured on BuzzFeed yesterday for a series of illustrations she’s created that center on "societal pressure for women to remove body hair." According to what she shared on her Tumblr, she got “a lot of hate comments” on that article. In ... [Read More]


Report Says 10% Of Recent U.S. College Grads Think Judge Judy Is A Supreme Court Justice

January 20, 2016 by

Though she might wear a similar lace jabot to Ruth Bader Ginsberg (a.k.a. The Notorious RBG), Judge Judith Sheindlin (a.k.a. TV’s Judge Judy), is not a U.S. Supreme Court Justice. But a new report released by a higher education advocacy group revealed, among other stats, that nearly 10% of college grads surveyed ... [Read More]