How to Bring The Shine Back To Your Dull Stainless Steel

Periodic cleaning with common household products will easily and inexpensively restore the sheen you crave.

Polishing stainless steel

The Feminist Thought Bubble Instagram Account… Need We Say More?

“Art is a cool way to connect with and relate to other women through commonality of experience.”

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Beyond The Surface Film: Empowering Women And Girls Through Surfing

“It’s really easy to feel helpless to create change on the planet, but when you take it down to the place you can be effective, you feel really powerful.”


Marvelous Paper Art Made From Spider-Man Comics

“The story lives on, but in a different shape.”


Fix-it Friday with Norma Vally


Take Part In The “Rosie Rally” And Make Guinness World Records History

July 14, 2015 by

What are you doing on August 15th? If you live in or around the Richmond, CA area, you have a chance to take part in the “Largest Gathering of People Dressed as a Rosie the Riveter," and make Guinness World Records history. The Rosie the Riveter WWII Home Front National Historical Park and the Rosie the Riveter Trust,  ... [Read More]

Fans Show Big Love For The U.S. Women’s Soccer Team At Historic Ticker Tape Parade

Fans Show Big Love For The U.S. Women’s Soccer Team At Historic Ticker Tape Parade

July 14, 2015 by

The U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Ticker Tape Parade was held in New York City’s famed Canyon of Heroes on July 10th, 2015. The historic event marked the first time in more than half a century that the honor was bestowed upon female athletes, and was the first ever ticker tape parade celebrating an all-female ... [Read More]


5-Year-Old Girl Makes Passionate Plea As To Why She Doesn’t Want To Eat Animals, And Wins Our Hearts

July 13, 2015 by

“My 5 year old doesn't want to eat meat anymore.” When Noel Grace’s 5-year-old daughter, Indie-Rose, became distraught at the dinner table after realizing where the meat on her plate came from, he tried to explain to her why people eat animals ... [Read More]


A Lost Possibility: Women On Miscarriage

July 13, 2015 by

Miscarriage is a common event in many women’s lives. Generally between 10 and 25 percent of known pregnancies end in miscarriage, but not many women talk about it, often leaving those who have gone through miscarriage feeling isolated and on their own coming to terms with the pregnancy loss. Over the past year or so, a number of comic artist Ryan Alexander-Tanner’s ... [Read More]

Writer Lisa Goldstein Raw And Uncensored: Why Her Kids 7 Weeks At Sleepaway Camp Is Her “Summer Of George”

Writer Lisa Goldstein Raw And Uncensored: Why Her Kids’ 7 Weeks At Sleepaway Camp Is Her “Summer Of George”

July 13, 2015 by

WYSK Contributor, breast cancer survivor, writer, and mom Lisa Goldstein loves her kids, but she also loves when she ships them off to summer camp for 7 weeks. So sit back and prepare to laugh through Lisa's live reading of her candid piece, "Summer of George," ... [Read More]


Fossil Hunter Wendy Sloboda Gets Newly Identified Dinosaur Named After Her

July 10, 2015 by

Meet Wendiceratops pinhornens… a newly identified dinosaur and "one of the most striking horned dinosaurs ever found." An older cousin of the well-known Triceratops, Wendiceratops has been named in honor of Wendy Sloboda, "one of the very best dinosaur hunters in the world," and the woman ... [Read More]

Old outdoor thermometer

Fix-It Friday: Cool Summer DIY Tips To Beat The Heat At Home

Summer's here and while the time may be right for dancing in the street, it’s also time to get savvy on how to beat the heat in and around your home. High temperatures can wreak havoc on your home, not to mention your power bill, but there are ways to combat that escalating thermometer. ... [Read More]


Programmable Friendship Bracelets To Inspire Girls To Code

July 9, 2015 by

Jewelbots, created by Sara Chipps, developer and co-founder of the non-profit Girl Develop It!, Brooke Moreland, a fashion-tech entrepreneur, and Maria Saba, a postdoctoral research fellow, are programmable friendship bracelets that teach tween and teen girls the basics of coding. “The girls we know are curious and creative, just like ... [Read More]