ELLE Australia Puts Breastfeeding In The Spotlight On June Cover… Subscriber Issues Only

“It was a completely natural moment that resulted in a powerful picture.”


A Sneak Peek At The New Illustrated Edition Of Toni Morrison’s “Beloved”

“Beloved,” which was first released in 1987, has inspired a new beautifully illustrated edition featuring nine powerful images.


MANSPLAIN: The Magazine For Women, Written By Men

“It’s just a quick satire of ridiculous misogyny that I threw together in minutes.”


Vintage Purses For 21st Century Feminists

“…the use of purses from the mid-twentieth century calls back to that critical era and reminds us how much has changed and, more importantly, how much has not.”


Fix-it Friday with Norma Vally

Toilet Talk: ESA Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti Shows The Unglamorous Side Of Living In Space

Toilet Talk: ESA Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti Shows The Unglamorous Side Of Living In Space

May 11, 2015 by

ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti, Italy's first woman in space, shows how to use the most unglamorous but often asked-about part of living on the International Space Station: the toilet. ... [Read More]


#365Project: Artist Creates Instagram Sensation With Awesome Pencil Shaving Art

May 11, 2015 by

Today, Meghan Maconochie posted image 243 of the #365project she launched on Instagram last August. Over the last few months, the talented, South African artist and teacher has been wowing followers and gaining legions more by posting the unique works of art she creates with... pencil shavings. It's a beautiful, but blister inducing endeavor because Meghan's ... [Read More]


13-Year-Old Invents Solar Bag Charger, Is One Of The Youngest Emirati Innovators

May 11, 2015 by

The best inventions are usually the ones that solve big problems. And that’s exactly what 13-year-old Fatima Al Kaabi did after a trip to the desert with her family. It struck her that there was no way and nowhere to charge her mobile phone; a nuisance if you don’t want to lose your Instagram feed, but a catastrophic, potentially life threatening issue if you are trekking in a remote area. ... [Read More]

Happy Mother’s Day From The Boston Derby Dames

Happy Mother’s Day From The Boston Derby Dames

May 10, 2015 by

In sending Mother's Day wishes out into the world today, we got some help from the Boston Derby Dames, Boston's premier Women's Flat-Track Derby Association roller derby league, who tell us why their moms (and moms everywhere) rock... "She's the reason why I try so hard every day." "She would always say, ya know, go out there, grow wings and fly. So that's what we do." "She worked three jobs that I ... [Read More]

UN Women Campaign Challenges Middle Eastern Men And Boys To “Give Mom Back Her Name”

UN Women Campaign Challenges Middle Eastern Men And Boys To “Give Mom Back Her Name”

May 9, 2015 by

In Egypt and many other countries in the Middle East there's a social taboo of not saying one's mother's name in public, for fear of shame and ridicule. This two-minute video, produced by UN Women and Impact BBDO Dubai for Mother's Day in the Middle East, which was on March 21, ... [Read More]

Winning Girl: The Rise Of A16-Year-Old  Judo & Wrestling Champion

Winning Girl: The Rise Of A 16-Year-Old Judo & Wrestling Champion

May 8, 2015 by

Meet Teshya Alo, a 16-year-old, 125 pound judo and wrestling phenom who can "throw women twice her age, and regularly beats the boys." Teshya has her sights set on taking gold at both the judo and wrestling world championships, and if she does, she’ll be the first and youngest athlete ever to win world championships in two different sports, ... [Read More]


Anna Jarvis Came To Loathe The Holiday She Fought To Establish… Meet The Mother Of Mother’s Day

May 8, 2015 by

Although President Woodrow Wilson gets all the credit for putting Mother’s Day on our national holiday calendar 100 years ago in 1914, the day was already being championed nine years earlier compliments of Woman You Should Know Anna Jarvis. Anna’s mother Ann Reeves Jarvis was a social ... [Read More]

Eco-friendly natural cleaners. Vinegar, baking soda, salt and lemon on white background. Homemade green cleaning. Copy space.

Fix-It Friday: Viva Vinegar… 12 Terrific Household Uses For Distilled White Vinegar

Vinegar, from Old French, vinaigre, meaning “sour wine,” is not just for salads anymore! The uses and benefits of vinegar stretch well out of the kitchen pantry — from industrial applications, to medicinal treatments, to interior and exterior household uses. I’ve been using vinegar around the house for decades! In fact, this past week I whipped out the distilled white vinegar ... [Read More]