Irom Sharmila

11 Years of Hunger: Irom Sharmila, the “Iron Lady of Manipur”

November 7, 2011 by

There are Women You Should Know all over the world and luckily we have friends in every corner of the globe who can tell us about these dynamic women. This remarkable story about civil rights activist Irom Sharmila comes to us from India, via our friend, Gautam K. The Iron Lady of Manipur by Gautam K Irom Chanu Sharmila, born March 14, 1972, is a political and civil rights activist, poet, and ... [Read More]

WYSK Profile: Marion Fasel

November 3, 2011 by

Marion Fasel is a leading jewelry and watch expert and historian. She has covered high-end luxury jewelry, mass-market brands and the engagement ring and wedding jewelry categories for InStyle since launching the award winning coverage for the magazine in 1996. Her monthly trend pages, interviews with jewelry-loving celebrities, and contributions to the We're Obsessed section of and InStyle ... [Read More]

Sheryl Yvette courtesy of Dmitry Gudkov

Balancing Life… on a Hello Kitty Cruiser

November 2, 2011 by

It's probably safe to say that most women have body image issues. I know that as soon as I turned 30, the scale started to betray me, and since then, I have continued to fight with my ever-fluctuating weight. With obesity in America at all time high, I know that I am not alone, but the battleground can be a very lonely place. I was looking for motivation, to connect with someone who has walked in my ... [Read More]

Peanut Butter on Bread and Peanuts

The Great Peanut Butter Price Hike of 2011

November 1, 2011 by

PB&J sandwiches, ants on a log, smears on apple slices, a dollop on a square of dark chocolate, melting swirls in hot oatmeal or a purist's spoonful that goes directly from jar to mouth... oh the tasty things you can do with peanut butter. This American pantry staple that is loved by kids and adults alike has been all over the news recently. Why? No, not because today, November 1st, kicks-off National ... [Read More]

Seasons Become 3D & Virtual In New York’s Central Park

October 28, 2011 by

Check out this awesome video of a 3-D light animation created with a digital mapping process on Bethesda Terrace in New York City's Central Park. Narrated by Kevin Bacon with music from Sting's Symphonicities, this stunning digital artwork lets Central Park admirers from around the globe enjoy it without traveling an inch. We love it... especially because it celebrates the home city of Women You Should ... [Read More]

The Mighty Macs Movie Poster

She Dared To Dream. They Dared To Believe.

October 27, 2011 by

Last week, we had the great pleasure of meeting TNT Maddox, the newest member of the world famous Harlem Globetrotters. SHE is also the first female Globetrotter in almost 20 years and just the ninth woman to ever don the legendary team's signature red, white and blue basketball uniforms. So, with hoops playing women on our minds, we want to tell you about a new film that is getting rave reviews. THE MIGHTY ... [Read More]

Fitness Woman with Blue Dumbbell

Gender In The Gym

October 26, 2011 by

Whether you are a militant gym rat, a casually consistent workout girl, or a fair weather fitness type, do you ever stop and wonder how the latest piece of equipment is suddenly at your disposal, how the new, hot class came to be or why that "super juice" with the name you can't pronounce is the one that's now featured at the beverage bar? Like every other industry, the gym industry has trade shows where ... [Read More]

Made In Dagenham Movie Poster

When The Sewing Machinists Took On The Auto Giant: The Modern Movie That Taught Us A Women’s History Lesson

October 25, 2011 by

This post could be considered long overdue. But, we all know it can take a busy woman some time to hear about a movie that's worth watching. Then tack on the additional time it takes her to actually sit down to watch that film. But, as soon as she does, she wants to tell everyone about it. So, at long last, we want to tell you about Made in Dagenham, an independent British film from Director Nigel Cole ... [Read More]