Street Harassment In Peru: These Men Unknowingly Catcall Their Own Mothers

“What happens in this video will teach these men a lesson.”

Street Harassment In Peru: These Men Unknowingly Catcall Their Own Mothers

Underwater Pole Dance Makes A Splash

It turns out, water is the perfect medium to distill and amplify the diverse facets of pole dance itself.


Is Letter Writing A Lost Art?

“Something beautiful is vanishing.”

writing letter to a friend


Fix-it Friday with Norma Vally


If You Had Nine Lives How Would You Live Them? Artists Respond With Awesome Pop Art Series Of Iconic Heroes As Cats

December 12, 2014 by

Artists Candace Patterson and Will Kiser, committed partners in life and in "making art for the people," set out to create an inspiration packed, visual mashup centered on the two things they are obsessed with most: cats and pop art. The result is NINE LIVES, an original ... [Read More]

dishwashing machine

Fix-It Friday: Clever, Cheap And Easy Tips For Keeping A Dishwasher Like New

December 12, 2014 by

We just got a top of the line dishwasher and I'm nothing short of in love. It's sleek looking, cleans like the dickens, and best of all, uber quiet. (I swear while in wash cycle I could cuddle up to this thing and take a nap.) With all of the Thanksgiving festivities and ensuing Christmas baking, we've really given our new addition quite a workout. To my chagrin, after its umpteenth load, I noticed a ... [Read More]

Christmas Lady Person

How To Be A Ladyperson At The Holidays: 10 Important Tips

December 11, 2014 by

By Mary Laura Philpott - Straight from the ad pages of your favorite magazines, here’s your guide to being a girl in December. Take notes. ... [Read More]


She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry: A Provocative Look At The Feminist Movement

December 11, 2014 by

At a time when the women’s movement seems to be at the center of great  debate, She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry provides a necessary and provocative look at the birth of women’s lib between 1966-1971. Directed by award-winning documentary producers Mary Dore and Nancy Kennedy, the film re-introduces the feminist movement ... [Read More]

“Just Go Live Your Life, And Be Single!” Says 4-Year-Old Vine Star, Ava Ryan

“Just Go Live Your Life, And Be Single!” Says 4-Year-Old Vine Star, Ava Ryan

December 11, 2014 by

Ava Ryan is not your average toddler. At just 4-years-old she's already a megastar on Vine, boasting close to 1,000,000 followers. Why? Because the stuff that comes out of this half grown up, half baby’s mouth is absolutely hilarious. Here’s one of her many pieces of dating advice for women. ... [Read More]


“Deplorable!” 7% Of U.S. Marines Are Women, Yet Less Than 1% Of FDNY Firefighters Are Women

December 10, 2014 by

Fact: There are only 44 women out of over 10,000 uniformed firefighters in the New York City Fire Department (FDNY), the largest and most elite fire department in the world. This amounts to less than 0.5% and the lowest number of women out of all major fire departments in the U.S. Fact: Cities like Minneapolis and ... [Read More]

Danny football 2pic img017

Linda Lajterman’s Son Died Of A Drug Overdose. She Has An Important Message To Share.

December 10, 2014 by

On February 23, 2014, Linda Lajterman’s world was shattered when she found her 19-year-old son, Danny, dead in his bedroom. He had overdosed on a drug sold to him by a father in the neighborhood who had been dealing to the local high school students. She vowed his death would not just be another ... [Read More]


Texts From Jane Eyre: And Other Conversations With Your Favorite Literary Characters

December 10, 2014 by

Okay book lovers, this one is for you! What would your favorite literary characters say if they were armed with cell phones and could text? That’s exactly what inspired author Mallory Ortberg’s new book, Texts from Jane Eyre, a collection of clever and hilarious imagined ... [Read More]