It’s Earth Day… Meet Rachel Carson, The Woman Who Inspired Modern Environmentalism In 1962

While Gaylord Nelson created Earth Day in 1970, it is Rachel Carson who truly inspired the modern environmental movement with her book “Silent Spring” in 1962.

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Happy Birthday Belle Case La Follette… Another Kickass Trailblazer We Never Learned About

She made her voice heard at a time when women were expected to stay home and stay quiet.


The Inspiring Teacher We Met… On Twitter

“I’m braver than I believe, smarter than I think, and I’m important… I can be anything.”



Fix-it Friday with Norma Vally


An Inspiring Night At The Movies: WYSK To Host NYC Screening Of The Empowerment Project

March 9, 2015 by

Women You Should Know is excited and honored to be hosting the New York City screening of the highly acclaimed documentary The Empowerment Project. The inspiring night will kick-off with a pre-party, followed immediately by the screening, and will close with an engaging chat lead by our special guests, the film's Writer/Director Sarah Moshman and ... [Read More]

Young Americans Quizzically Ask… Where Are All The Girls On The Money?

Young Americans Quizzically Ask… Where Are All The Girls On The Money?

March 9, 2015 by

A month ago, we proudly broke the news on an ambitious social media campaign, Women On 20s, that aims to get a woman’s face on U.S. paper currency for the first time ever. We are thrilled to have been the very first media outlet to tell their inspiring story, and we are equally thrilled that we weren't the only one to cover this great catalyst of potential historic change. ... [Read More]

YouTube Launches #DearMe Campaign For International Women’s Day

YouTube Launches #DearMe Campaign For International Women’s Day

March 8, 2015 by

In celebration of International Women's Day, YouTube has launched the #DearMe initiative, urging women to share advice they would give to their younger selves. The campaign was created to inspire and empower young girls everywhere. YouTube is appealing to anyone who wants to participate,"We all know that growing up is tough. ... [Read More]


This International Women’s Day, Celebrate Women’s Work

March 8, 2015 by

By Megan Reilly Cayten - I love men. Big fan of them. I have an extraordinary father, a husband I adore, and two sweet little boys. I created a company dedicated to investing in women and girls not because I have anything against men, but because I want my little company to have the biggest and best possible impact on the lives of people ... [Read More]


Healing Grief With Kindness: One Woman’s Search For Meaning After The Loss Of Her Newborn

March 6, 2015 by

By Kristin Fitzgerald-Zita - The last thing you imagine when you head off to the hospital to have your baby is never bringing him home. As a chronic worrier I admit I did think something might happen to me during delivery, but I always believed that the healthy baby boy I was carrying was perfectly safe. ... [Read More]


Salvation Army Uses Viral Dress To Make Statement About Domestic Abuse

March 6, 2015 by

As reported by AdWeek, "Today, The Salvation Army in South Africa released what just might be the most harrowing take on the viral phenomenon - in the form of a domestic abuse PSA." Headline reads: "Why is it so hard to see black and blue?" Copy reads: "The only illusion is if you think it was her choice. One in 6 women are victims of abuse. Stop abuse against ... [Read More]

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Women’s History Month Giveaway: Win A Brainy Chick Sweatshirt And Show Off Your Intellect

March 6, 2015 by

Women You Should Know has teamed up with Courtney Church, the woman behind Periodically Inspired, our favorite nerd-chic apparel brand that's inspired by the Periodic Table Of Elements, for this awesome ... [Read More]

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Fix-it Friday: Tips On How to Avoid “Icy” Trips to the ER… In March?!?!

Another wave of snow storms and it’s MARCH? Good grief! I’ve been back in NYC since mid February and shoveled more in the last 2 weeks than I have in 2 years! But what really reminded me that I picked the wrong time of year to visit my hometown is the header I took yesterday navigating over an ice hill. I smacked down on my side and banged up my palm and knee. ... [Read More]