Great Schweddy Balls! The Stocking Stuffer Pitch That Just Earned Our 2014 “Really?” Award

If Mr. X had bothered to actually look at our site, he’d probably realize that our editorial focus might not fit quite as well as his jockstrops apparently do.


Why Feminism Is Important: A PSA

“It’s all about equality, kids! And that’s rad.”


Feminist Approved “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”

An empowered twist on the holiday classic…

Feminist Approved “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”

Vogue Paris Puts Women In Boxes… Literally

Two real life women have been turned into lifeless, Barbie-like dress-up dolls, sealed in their very own perfect packaging, all in the name of fashion.

Vogue Paris_lead


Fix-it Friday with Norma Vally


Danielle Delph Photoshopped Herself Into Her Mother’s Childhood Pics, With Delightful Results

November 4, 2014 by

Danielle Delph had an idea to reframe her past. Using her stellar skills as an art director, Danielle recreated old family photos, merging images of herself at different stages of her life, with those of her mother. The result? A friendship that defies the rules of space and time. ... [Read More]

13 Year Old Political Activist Explains Why You Should Vote

13 Year Old Political Activist Explains Why You Should Vote

November 3, 2014 by

Feeling apathetic about voting this Election Day? 13-year old political activist Madison Kimrey wants you to know that “no matter what your opinions are, you need to make them count!” As you will see in this 44 second video, Madison is passionate about many things, including education, healthcare, women's rights and the ... [Read More]

Marie’s Dictionary: Preserving A Forgotten Language For Future Generations

Marie’s Dictionary: Preserving A Forgotten Language For Future Generations

November 3, 2014 by

In the United States more than 130 Native American languages are endangered. Several are on the verge of extinction with only a handful of fluent speakers remaining. Wukchumni language is one of those languages. Today, there are approximately 200 Wukchumni tribe members left, ... [Read More]


22 Year Old Artist Challenges Egypt’s Beauty Standard With Revealing Portraits Of Full-Figured Women

November 3, 2014 by

“Elephant!” “Pickle Barrel!” “Cow!” These are just a few of the verbal barbs Bassant El Qassem has witnessed men call out at women on the streets of her native Cairo. A self-described “normal size” woman, she was even called "fat" by some random guy. ... [Read More]

witch on broom

You Should Know The Real Story Behind Witches

October 31, 2014 by

As we head into Halloween Eve, we thought you should know the real story behind witches, their hats and why they're said to ride on brooms, condensed down to 3 minutes. Oh... and there's not a "sexy" witch in the bunch, unless you count our poster girl above. ... [Read More]

Got Pumpkin?

Fix-It Friday: How To Repurpose Your Pumpkins After Halloween

Think about how many millions of pumpkins get tossed in the trash after Halloween each year. A wasteful act that’s not only a dis to ole Jack, but needlessly dumps massive tonnage into landfills. Why not do something purposeful with your post-Halloween pumpkin? For me the two best options are to eat it or compost it, so for this Fix-it Friday I give you two ways to ... [Read More]


Not Alone Gives Women A Place To Talk About Their Abortions

October 30, 2014 by

One in three women will have an abortion in her lifetime, yet it’s a topic that few women discuss openly. This was the case for women’s rights advocate Sherry Matusoff Merfish who spent her career fighting for women’s reproductive rights, but kept her own abortion and feelings of shame a secret from her two daughters until ... [Read More]

The Princess Problem: Available On Store Shelves Everywhere

The Princess Problem: Available On Store Shelves Everywhere

October 30, 2014 by

"I figured if I could sum up what was wrong with the face of girls’ marketing today in one succinctly satirized image, it might make it easier for us to admit how we fail. And sometimes the best way to reveal something is to provide a fresh look at what’s already right in front of our eyes." This is what David Trumble, Political Cartoonist and Author/Illustrator, ... [Read More]