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“This blog is intended to be a place where we can all laugh in the face of sexism, instead of just laughing it off.” – Katrina P. Day


Scientist’s Priceless Reaction Over Philae Probe’s Historic Comet Landing

When Monica Grady, a leading British space scientist, watched the robot probe Philae land on a comet last week, her reaction was priceless.

Scientist’s Priceless Reaction Over The Historic Philae Comet Landing

Why I Lost All Faith In Humanity Today… He Spit On Me, Then His Friend Told Me To Go F*ck Myself

More proof positive that there is an underlying current of misplaced disrespect, aggression and hatred being directed at women…


She Was Leaning In Back In 1908… Celebrating Gelatine Giant Rose Knox

This WYSK is the woman you should be thanking when you whip out that Knox Gelatine packet to make your favorite Thanksgiving cranberry mold.



Fix-it Friday with Norma Vally


Rosies Workwear: Designed For Women Getting The Job Done

October 21, 2014 by

In the spirit of Rosie the Riveter, more women are saying, "yes we can" when it comes to careers in auto maintenance, construction, ranching and farming. It’s with the same determination that WYSK Sharon Moore founded Rosies Workwear, a collection of overalls and coveralls to help outfit and protect women as they pursue their passions. ... [Read More]


Surviving Dating Violence… One Woman’s Path To Peace

October 21, 2014 by

WYSK has partnered with the dating violence advocacy group Day One to share stories from powerful young women survivors that speak to where they are today compared to where they have been. This is part 2 of our two part series. By Tanya Antonio - When I am asked to speak about my experience with domestic violence I often hear “why did you stay?” or “why did you try to hide ... [Read More]

All-Female Band, The Mrs., Changes The Way Women Look In The Mirror… #imEnough

All-Female Band, The Mrs., Changes The Way Women Look In The Mirror… #imEnough

October 20, 2014 by

Back in July, The Mrs., an all-female band from Austin, Texas, released a video that has received nearly 4,000,000 worldwide views, to date. The video was for their debut single, "Enough," but it wasn't a traditional music video. Rather, it was unconventional way to take their song's message directly to the women who inspire them. ... [Read More]

Anya_Stella_2014 costumes

Superhero-Crazy Sisters Debut Amazing Halloween Costumes, Launch #iamaheroicgirl

October 20, 2014 by

They captivated us as Huntress and Power Girl in 2012. They wowed us as Squirrel Girl and Captain Marvel in 2013. And this year, our favorite superhero-crazy sisters, Anya (age 9) and Stella (age 7), have just blown us away with the debut of their amazing Halloween costumes for the official launch of #iamaheroicgirl. ... [Read More]


Selfie Fables: What if Disney Characters Had Instagram Accounts?

October 20, 2014 by

“What would happen if Disney characters had Instagram accounts?” That’s what Italian freelance illustrator and graphic artist Simona Bonafini asked herself, and what inspired her hilarious “Selfie Fables” series. The results? Well, it looks like the fairy tale world is as selfie obsessed and vain as the rest of us. So far, the artist has created ... [Read More]


Harassing Catcalls Transformed Into Provocative Needlepoint

October 17, 2014 by

We’re big fans of cross-stich and embroidery. We particularly love it when the traditional techniques are paired with bold, modern statements like Brooklyn artist Elana Adler is doing with her You Are My Duchess collection. The samplers represent the many harassing catcalls the artist has heard while living in New York. ... [Read More]

power prop 1

Fix-It Friday Tip: A Flexible Way To Prop Power At The Perfect Level

Friends, whether you’re a pro, a weekend warrior, an aspiring handywoman, or even a seasoned DIYer, it’s critical to keep safety, efficiency and convenience in mind when it comes to tackling any job, big or small, in and around the house. So when I discovered a new “power” tool that addresses all three of those things, it put a spring in my steel toe work boots. ... [Read More]


Meet The 9 Women Named National Book Awards Finalists

October 16, 2014 by

The 20 finalists for this year’s National Book Awards in fiction, nonfiction, poetry and young people's literature were announced yesterday. Many regard the National Book Awards as the most prestigious literary prize, and equally, if not more influential than the Pulitzer! This illustrious group of finalists includes some of the most critically ... [Read More]