Snarky Greeting Cards Reveal Sweet Sentiments

For when a generic greeting card just won’t do the trick!


Emma Lazarus: The Woman Who Gave The Statue Of Liberty Her Powerful Voice

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…”


The Everyday Sexism Project, Because Sexism Still Exists

A website that gives women a place to share their experiences of sexism, harassment and assault.

everyday sexism

Meet Saffron Lamb… The Original Spice Girl Gets New Start On Life

“… just about everyone could smell the eau du desperate she was wearing from a mile away.”

saffron lamb



Norma_Drill Dress

Fix-It Friday: 10 Interesting Things You Should Know About Norma Vally… The Toolbelt Diva

June 20, 2014 by

This Woman You Should Know is so many things... a seasoned veteran of home repair and improvement, the former host of Discovery Home Channel’s series "Toolbelt Diva" and a show on Sirius Satellite Radio by the same name, an acclaimed author, a proud aunt, a mom to rescue kitty Dexter, an accomplished cook, ... [Read More]

Victoria's secret

The Toast Shares Excerpts From The Victoria’s Secret Employee Handbook

June 19, 2014 by

In a hilarious piece on The Toast, writer Jen Cordery crafted her version of what someone might find in the Victoria’s Secret Employee Handbook based, seemingly, on what the average woman is confronted with when she walks into any one of these stores. Jen’s brilliant quips had us laughing uncontrollably, yet utterly terrified since her creative ... [Read More]


Feminist Embroidery

June 19, 2014 by

We recently stumbled upon this awesome Pizza Rolls Not Gender Roles cross-stitch, which had us rolling on the floor! It also sent us on a hunt to see what other feminist inspired needlework we could find. Based on what we did find, it seems as though subversive feminist embroidery is a thing. And we're LOVING it! Here are a few of our favorites: ... [Read More]

Menarche Marketing: The Hilarious Consequences Of Faking Your First Period By Hello Flo [VIDEO]

Menarche Marketing: The Hilarious Consequences Of Faking Your First Period By Hello Flo [VIDEO]

June 19, 2014 by

We did not think it would be possible to make a better first period ad than last summer’s "Camp Gyno," but Hello Flo has just outdone itself with its new "First Moon Party" spot. This is menarche marketing at its finest. Here's the set-up: A tween desperate to become a member of the exclusive "Cherry Slush Club," ... [Read More]

Rack & Ruin: New Female Driven Comedy Series For Summer 2014 Takes On The Ugly Beauty Of The Fashion Industry

Rack & Ruin: New Female Driven Comedy Series For Summer 2014 Takes On The Ugly Beauty Of The Fashion Industry

June 18, 2014 by

"At its core, the fashion world is rotten, it’s sad, and it’s lonely, which is also the formula for great comedy." - Angela Dee Saffron, a masochistic, people-pleasing Brit, desperate for a job and a new life, lands a position at Jolie Laide, an absurdly toxic, high-end clothing boutique in ... [Read More]


Petal by Pedal: Changing The Way We Think About And Buy Flowers

June 18, 2014 by

Following graduation from law school, Kate Gilman was waiting to start a new job at a litigation law firm in New York when she realized that although she enjoyed studying law, it was very different practicing it. Taking a big leap of faith, Kate changed her direction, tapping into her passion for creating positive change to launch Petal by Pedal, ... [Read More]


A Real Nail Biter… FIFA World Cup Manicure Gives New Meaning To The Phrase

June 17, 2014 by

Based on huge ratings numbers and mass fan hysteria (even among people we know who have never spoken a single word about soccer, but have nonetheless been glued to their TVs this week), it seems no other sporting event captures the world's imagination like the FIFA World Cup™. With an accumulated audience of over 37 billion people, and innumerable fan ... [Read More]

juliachildcomic cover

Interact With Julia Child In A New Comic Book App

June 17, 2014 by

We love Julia Child! Not just because of her penchant for butter (although that’s reason enough), but also for her infectious passion and desire to try and teach Americans about French cuisine. Of course, her notorious role as a secret agent in World War II just adds to her WYSKyness! It’s likely that no single person has left quite as indelible an impression on the culinary world as Julia Child, which ... [Read More]