Our Demand For A Public Apology From Joe Biden

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Not sure any of you have had the unfortunate pleasure of seeing the coverage of our country’s Vice President in action at yesterday’s swearing in ceremony of U.S. Senate members, but we did. In a word we were DISGUSTED. What one major news outlet referred to as “the Biden charm”, we consider as deplorable behavior that is an insult to women, men and the esteemed position Joe Biden holds.

We expect the Vice President to serve as an example of the very best that America is. By his overt objectification of women during yesterday’s ceremony he failed us all.

As a result, we are demanding an apology from Vice President Biden, on behalf of the citizens of the United States of America, via a Change.org petition we launched today.

Women You Should Know Change.org Petition


To:  Joe Biden, Vice President of the United States Of America

I support Women You Should Know in their demand of a public apology for your behavior toward women at the swearing-in ceremony for U.S. Senate members on January 3, 2013.

As the man who holds the second highest office in the United States, citizens should expect that as Vice President, you serve as an example of the very best that America is. By your overt objectification of women during yesterday’s ceremony you failed us all.

The images and soundbites captured by the national news media showing you caressing women’s faces, appearing to ogle others and making audible, inappropriate comments were not only offensive and deplorable, but certainly not behavior fitting of someone in your esteemed position.

Of the 13 new Senators who took the oath, five of them were women, bringing the ranks of women senators to 20. A full, 1/5th of the legislative body.

Despite this historic milestone of which our country should be incredibly proud, objectification of women is still an ongoing battle. When the world witnesses the Vice President of the United States of America being less than respectful toward women, under the auspices of “charm”, what example is that setting? It only fuels the issue and diminishes the victories already won.

You said yesterday, “The only thing that needs to change is get to the point where there are 51 women in the Senate. You know why? Not because you all are better or worse. Because everyone’s going to figure out there ain’t no difference, that everybody is qualified. It doesn’t have a damn thing to do with gender.”

As we’re certain you would never caress a man’s face, for us to believe your words, then we implore you to practice what you preach Mr. Vice President.

[Your name]

We are asking you to please stand with Women You Should Know in demanding an apology from our country’s Vice President as we simply won’t accept the excuse, “oh, that’s just Joe”.

You can sign our petition here.

  • Sue


  • someone

    Load of crap, how is being nice to women disrespectful. They all enjoyed the ceremony. If they aren’t complaining then neither should you. All for women’s rights but stop acting like every time a man shows a woman some courtesy its disrespect. Get over it!

    • someone

      after reading it over, my last comment may have come off as a bit strong and for that I will apologize however I stand by what I said

  • Bobbi

    The man was being funny… that’s all… I watched the video of the event several times and no matter how hard I try, I can find nothing offensive in Joe Biden’s remarks. You may not think the remarks funny, but to find them offensive? Absurd…

    • Two_Tull

      Interesting that you think it “absurd” to hold the VP up to a higher level of behavioral expectations. Can’t say I am “offended” by what he did/said, but it certainly isn’t what I expect of the VP.

  • Corey

    The fact that people think this is “funny” or a “load of crap” is just a sign of how out of touch people are when it comes to objectification and what that means. Certainly this is not showing courtesy, actually it’s just the opposite.

  • JA

    I think this short video clip does not do justice to how he was acting. Even the anchors on The Today Show likened his behavior to that of Richard Dawson from the hey day of Family Fuel… the game show host who used to greet every female on the show with crazy levels of inappropriate affection, which does not equate to being “nice to women”.

    This article by Janeen Capizola goes into much great detail that might shed better light as to why people are disturbed by Biden:


  • gargouille

    Unbecoming of a VP…oddly, people who sit in those chambers day in and day out appear to find any attempt at humor somehow a relief. Maybe the women hear worse in the hallways of the Hill (the floor of the House only got a women’s room LAST YEAR…not everyone approved of the expense). Still unbecoming of a VP.

  • Guy from Hells Kitchen

    I watched a small clip of VP Joe Biden at the swearing in ceremony. He was standing between what looked like a family of people, one of them being sworn in. He then made a reference and paraphrasing said, “if your told to spread your legs in Montana you might be getting arrested”. The people around him nervously laughed because it seems they had no idea what the VP was talking about. Niether did I. The VP is not a bad person but I think in trying to be funny he puts his foot in his mouth. My advise to him is to leave the joke telling to the comedians and act like you are the VP of the United States.

  • dorn

    “Someone,” who replied on 1/4, may be male. “Someone” may not understand what women sense–that most don’t like a man who works a crowd flirtatiously, whether with words or touching. Most feel exploited, resentful, and distrusting. That’s a fact in day-to-day group situations. But for our vice-president to act so in a swearing-in ceremony takes advantage of a situation where people will not want to respond back by making a scene publicly. Our U.S. 2nd in command acted inappropriately, and it’s alarming that he doesn’t know better.

  • Tara

    I second Dorn’s comment that this was a very important ceremony at which most people would not want to create a scene. That is why no one called Mr. Biden on his manners. Our VP’s actions were totally inappropriate. In a situation like that, most people just grin and bear it although they seethe inside. As our Vice President, I expect him to behave in a much more dignified manner. His behavior demeans the office he holds.