Oreo Celebrates a Century of Goodness!

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Today marks an important date in history, the beginning of America’s love affair with the Oreo cookie. As the story goes, the magic happened on March 6, 1912 when two chocolate wafers met up with a luscious white creamy filling to create one of America’s favorite treats, which we have all since come to treasure. The first Oreo cookie was sold that day in Hoboken, New Jersey and now, with over $2 billion in sales, it is considered the world’s best selling and most favorite cookie.

Loved in more than 100 countries around the globe, the Oreo comes in some interesting flavors that are reflective of the local cultures where the cookies are sold: Oreo’s in China boast blueberry and green tea ice cream flavored centers, Indonesia prefers a strawberry one, Mexico loves their dark fudge stuffing, and the inspiration for what’s now known as the Triple Double Oreo, was first originated in Argentina and called the Oreo Por Tres. But, no matter where in the world you are, or what your favorite flavor may be, the one thing that remains the same is the great debate as to the best way to eat them. Whether you are a dunker, a twister, a nibbler or just like eating them whole, the commitment to our own personal Oreo cookie eating ritual can create a dispute among family and friends that rivals discussing politics at Thanksgiving dinner.

Oreo lovers, psychologists and journalists have spent much time speculating about whether the way someone eats their Oreo provides insight into their personality. According to a brand survey of over 2,000 Oreo eaters, they found that we are divided into three categories. Which method best describes your favorite way to eat an Oreo? Does the “science” stack up?

  • Dunkers tend to be energetic, adventurous, and extremely social
  • Twisters tend to be emotional, sensitive, artistic, and trendy
  • Biters or whole eaters are easy going, self-confident, and optimistic

The survey also discovered that 41% of women are inclined to be twisters and dunkers, while 84% of men eat them whole. So, the next time you reach for your favorite treat, just take a moment before you twist, lick or dunk… you may just reveal more about yourself than you intended.

Happy Birthday Oreo!

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  • JA

    This was my all time favorite cookie as a kid! I have not had one in years, but I know I never twisted or licked… I was a combo dunker/nibbler. HA!

  • Anne

    Congratulations to my favorite childhood cookie!! I was definitely a “biter”. I have not bought them in years, BUT when I give blood, which is usually about four times a year, I take advantage of the fact that they are served as snacks. AND, I certainly do enjoy “biting” into them!!