October 9 Is National Moldy Cheese Day

Moldy Cheese
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Today is the day to celebrate all cheeses that are made with mold… the ones that get their distinct character and taste from it. So salute a Stilton, revere a Roquefort, gush over a Gorgonzola. Or if you prefer the soft-ripened, mold encrusted varietals to the veiny, odorous blues, then bow to a Brie or covet a Camembert. Just marvel in the moldy-liciousness of it all.

We wonder which moldy cheeses our favorite lady cheesemakers are honoring on this truly funky, but tasty holiday.

Note: That ball of mozzarella with the odd, pinkish-orangish spots you just found in the back of your fridge DOES NOT COUNT.
  • Jean

    Another National Day? Does this mean we don’t get any mail today? I was expecting a delivery of cheese!

  • Hannah

    YUM!!! I love moldy and stinky cheese! Had a fabulous one recently veined with truffles… heaven!

  • Elaine

    With the exception of Brie, you can keep the other moldy cheeses. Not for me!!