The Not Buying It App: Challenging Sexist Media

January 28, 2014 by
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Just in time for the Superbowl, The Representation Project, formerly known as Miss Representation, has launched the Not Buying It app, dedicated to fighting sexism in the media.

Founded by Jennifer Siebel Newsom, The Representation Project is a movement that uses film and media content to expose injustices created by gender stereotypes and to shift people’s consciousness towards change.

Let the media know: sexism won’t sell.Since 2012, the #NotBuyingIt hashtag has been used by tens of thousands on Twitter to challenge brands and companies that rely on misrepresentations of gender and extreme objectification to sell their products. The new app puts the power back in the hands of the consumer giving users the ability to create, join and win campaigns against sexism in the media, directly from their mobile devices.

“In a media environment where women continue to be valued primarily for their youth, beauty and sexuality; it’s time we take a collective stand. Sexism won’t sell, because we’re #NotBuyingIt,” the company explains in its press release.

With this app you can now easily upload images, stamp them with #NotBuyingIt and send messages directly to the companies producing damaging media.

It also allows users to support positive media and join campaigns being started by others around the world, see which brands are the worst offenders, and share content directly on Twitter and Facebook!

Let the media know: sexism won’t sell. Download and start using #NotBuyingIt now!

  • Amy Jussel, ShapingYouth

    Yep, just downloaded the new #NotBuyingIt app and included it in this post about Go Daddy’s antics which gives us a first opp to use it PRIOR to Super Bowl, as clearly objectification is an equal opportunity destroyer Thx for the reminder!! Onward! Keep up the great work…

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