New Period Panties Are Anything But Empowering

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This is not a prank! Unfortunately, they are all too real. Period Panties are the brainchild of Anthony Hall, and his company Harebrained Inc. The “fun underwear that high-fives you for being a woman and serves as a friendly reminder to others,” has raised in excess of $225,000 on Kickstarter in the last two weeks. Yep, that’s a quarter of a million dollars for punny period panties.

So, in addition to deodorized sanitary products, douches and washes we are told we need to clean ourselves up with, there’s now must-have underwear, created by a guy, that is intended to warn others of our supreme bitchiness while we ride the crimson tide. Hmmm.

Can’t say we didn’t chuckle a little bit at his cramp stamp puns, and perhaps Hall’s intentions are more good than evil, but there’s something fundamentally wrong about the “celebrate your womanhood” female empowerment message he’s trying to sell while still perpetuating the age old stereotype that a woman’s period turns her into an irrational scream machine.

We’re just #NotBuyingIt.





  • Sandy

    Those things look a little too narrow from top to bottom to be briefs, which are my go to period panties. Or any time panties, for that matter. I don’t like low cut or bikinis. It makes me feel like they’re going to fall off, which is especially something I don’t want to feel like when I have my period. I also don’t think the fancy designs are a great idea. What if a woman had a leak or a spill over? Either the garment would be permanently stained or else the pattern would be faded because of needing to use bleach to get the spot out. Either way, she wouldn’t want anybody to see them, which I got the impression was the reason for creating these things. No thank you, I’ll stick to plain white briefs.

  • Marge

    The Kickstarter site says that these panties are “Fun underwear that high-fives you for being a woman…” I thought that a “high-five” gesture was a positive thing. I do not think these panties are positive. I think they are insulting to a woman. Why would any woman want to wear these?