New Jockey Bra Reinvents The ABCDs Of Bra Sizing With Custom Fit System

Jockey Fit Kit
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Although 19 year old Mary Phelps Jacob fashioned herself the very first modern brassiere way back in 1913, we reported last year that 85% of women today are wearing the wrong bra size. In an attempt to put an end to this century old quagmire, Jockey, a brand with a long history of innovation, has introduced its new Jockey® Bra, featuring a patented, volumetric measuring system that claims to deliver a close to custom fit to women of all shapes and sizes.

Designed by women, the new Jockey Bra was 8 years in the making and involved 3-D breast scans of more than 800 real women. In addition to having 26+ patents, this reinvented bra boasts the first and only volume based, breast measuring system that throws the 80 year old alphanumeric (band/A, B, C, D cup) sizing system right out the window.

“The entire bra purchase process is flawed,” Dustin Cohn, Chief Marketing Officer for Jockey International told Yahoo Shine. “Women are asked to measure their breasts with a tape measure. A woman’s breasts are three dimensional, so it doesn’t make sense to measure them with a two dimensional method.”

Jockey’s newfangled measuring system involves a two-step, DIY process. Specially designed cups are placed over the breasts to accurately measure a woman’s volumetric cup size from small to large (Jockey sizes 1-10), and then that number is combined with a woman’s under-bust measurement (Jockey has 7 options: 30-42). So instead of being a 32-B, a woman might find she’s a 2-32 in Jockey.

different women in Jockey bras

With 5 uniquely designed Jockey bra styles in 55 volumetric sizes that correlate to their proprietary measuring system, the brand claims their bras will give women the “the closest thing to custom”. Each style retails for $60 and is available in black, nude or white.

In order to get in on this revolution in breast measuring and potential solution to typical bra flaws (digging, poking, pulling, bulging and sagging), you will need the Jockey® Fit Kit. At a cost of $19.95 (shipping is free), it includes 10 volumetric fit cups, a color-coded measuring tape, easy-to-follow instructions, and a protective lingerie wash bag.

Once you determine your personal volumetric cup size and under-bust measurement (from the comfort and privacy of your own home… BONUS), that numerical size combo will apply to any of Jockey’s 5 bra styles. In other words, there is no re-measuring or re-sizing based on the Jockey bra style you prefer. Jockey also says it will not discontinue any style, so a favorite bra will always be available.

Since women’s breasts are as unique as snowflakes, we think Jockey might just be on to something here. So a few of us, who range in size from extra small to mammoth mammaries, are going to give their new bra and Fit Kit system a whirl and, of course, report back.

In the meantime, we think it’s safe to assume that our favorite French researcher, Professor Jean-Denis “young breasts don’t need bras” Rouillon, would deem this an exercise in futility. C’est la vie!

  • gargouille

    Not bad, Jockey, not bad…although I do wonder what “breast ideal” they are working with to design the 55 fits. Will it lift so they perk just so? Push so they don’t slide sideways? Add that telltale rounded shape to any and all sizes? Is this a 21st-century Cross-your-heart situation with so-called “natural shaping and support” that 20 years from now will look frightening to the young? I await the verdict after trial.

  • Tara

    Will definitey have to try the kit on these babies!!!

  • Alice

    Definitely worth a try!

  • Caryn

    So where are the results?

    • WomenYSK

      Hi Caryn,
      Unfortunately there are no results, as we were unable to find a suitable bra to try using the system. Sorry! We had high hopes.