Music Video Mashup: Cher’s “Woman’s World”, Starring The Golden Girls

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After a 12 year hiatus from music, the legendary Cher is back – at age 67 – with a new single “Woman’s World”. Her video for the empowerment anthem had its world premiere just this past Monday. But earlier this summer, a creative YouTuber named Brittany Morgan debuted her own visionary version of what the single’s video should look like, which zeroes in on four other iconic women: Blanche, Rose, Dorothy and Sophia… a.k.a. The Golden Girls.

On her YouTube channel Brittany writes, “I’ve always been a big Cher fan and when I heard her new single, I knew I had to do this!” We’re so glad she did because IT IS AWESOME!

“Woman’s World” is the first release from Cher’s comeback album Closer To The Truth, which will be available next month on September 24, 2013. You can see the official video for the single here. It features Cher in all her wigged out glory and a fabulous ensemble of strong, beautiful women – different ages, colors, styles, shapes, and sizes – all having a blast!


  • nora

    I have always liked Cher. At 67, although she is fully made up, she still looks damn good!!! Love her new video, and loved the video with the “Golden Girls”. I view Cher’s new song, Woman’s World, as today’s version of Helen Reddy’s women’s anthem of 1975 – “I Am Woman”. We are alive and roaring and strong.

  • gargouille

    Well, the song is a tad long…but this video is great! And who better to remind us that women can be there whole world than the television’s first (and only) show starring a group of fabulous menapausal actors!