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Mood boosting foods
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We’ve all been told, ad nauseum, what we are and aren’t supposed to eat to stay healthy and keep our weight in check, but did you know that you can also boost your mood with food? Numerous studies by nutritionists and mental health experts show that certain foods can significantly improve your state of mind, or even in some circumstances, stave off depression. So, as you plan your Fourth of July cookout menu, be sure to indulge yourself in some of these delicious mood boosters. No prescription required.

Salmon is known as brain food. High in omega-3 fatty acids, it gives the brain what it needs to function properly

Try: Mustard Glazed Salmon Skewers

Fruits & Vegetables, at least 2 servings a day, have shown to increase functional mental health

Try: Fruit and Vegetable Fiesta Salad

Whole grains contain antioxidants, which help to offset stress inducing oxidants

Try: Wheatberry Salad

Milk isn’t only good for your bones, but the vitamin D it contains has shown to increase happiness

Try: Cold Cucumber Mint Soup

Green tea has long been known for its health benefits. It contains an amino acid that’s been proven to calm you down

Try: Minty Green Tea Granita

Bananas contain tryptophan, which has shown to improve your overall mood

Try: Grilled Banana Smores

Of course this list wouldn’t be complete with out our favorite… Dark chocolate. Two squares of a chocolate bar (about 1.4 ounces) has the power to lower stress hormones in our bodies

Try: Not eating more than 2 squares

Happy eating!

  • Anne

    Thank you WYSK for all of the suggestions. They all sound yummy, especially the cold cucumber mint soup. Soup is a wonderful mood booster, and it’s nice to be able to enjoy a cold soup in the heat of the summer. Make sure you keep the dark chocolate in the refrig!! It melts very quickly in this heat!! But definitely enjoy it.

  • gargouille

    Great ideas! That old addage “you are what you eat” was never really about the waistline, but about the lifeline. Now I can be proud that I had dark chocolate last night and will drink a double dose of milk today…maybe I’ll wear some of it, too.