Mom Makes Her Baby’s Dreams Come To Life In Series Of Magical Photos

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Meet Queenie Liao… visionary artist and loving mother. The wondrous possibilities that come from dreams are what led this Woman You Should Know to create a magical photo series featuring her baby son Wengenn as the precious star of his own imaginative, sleepy time adventures.

creative-baby-photography-queenie-liao-21She calls the series Wengenn in Wonderland and it includes over 100 creative photos, each depicting her “little sleepy angel” in a different whimsical scenario or fairy tale land.

Queenie used fabrics, stuffed animals, and other common household items and materials to create the elaborate sets. She arranged the backdrops first and then positioned her napping son with the props, making him an integral part of each fantastical scene.

We think this is incredibly inventive art with a cute quotient that is off the charts!

These are just a few of our favorites shots, but you can check out the others on Queenie’s Facebook page or see them all in this YouTube video.

All photos Copyright © Sioin Queenie Liao.

queenie-liao_cat mouse

queenie-liao_moon stars


queenie-liao_nested dolls


queenie-liao_snake charmer


queenie-liao_halloween witch

  • Nora

    OMG!! These pictures are soooooo adorable!! I cannot imagine how she got him to stay asleep during all of these shots. I can only hope that he slept through the night for her after she took these shots during the day. He looks like he is in a deep sleep in every shot. What a creative mother and artist.

  • Amelia

    I wonder if Queenie was inspired by Adele Enerson’s series from a few years ago? Regardless, these are well-executed and very sweet.

    • De in D.C.

      She won a fan contest from Adele’s blog last year, so yes!

      • WomenYSK

        Hi De in DC – Thanks for the great background information! – The WYSK Team

  • Becca

    I love every single one of these…what an amazing idea and great keepsakes.

  • Marilyn Halko

    This is my grandson River! Does it look like he is swimming in a River? I think that he was 6 days old. He was born in a birthing pool at home on the Bonnechere River in Renfrew, Ontario, Canada!