Meet The Sun City Poms, A Cheerleading Squad Defying Convention

Poms © Todd Antony
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Photographer Todd Antony traveled to Sun City, Arizona to a retirement community where he discovered the Sun City Poms, a group of cheerleaders and dancers who perform with a level of energy and pride beyond their years.

The Poms, who only accept members 55 years or older, started in 1979 as cheerleaders for the Sun City Saints women’s softball team. Decades later, they are still going strong, entertaining at more than 50 shows per year throughout Arizona, appearing at conventions, sporting events, community meetings, fundraisers, and retirement living centers and care facilities.

With excitement, agility and grace, while donning fringe and sequin uniforms, these ladies perform pyramids, cartwheels, and some even do splits, leg lifts, and headstands!

The women, whose oldest member Lois is 83, are clearly having the time of their lives while shattering the conventional image of what it is to grow old.

Lois © Todd Antony

Lois © Todd Antony

Shirley © Todd Antony

Shirley © Todd Antony

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  • Tara

    All I ask is that I have the energy these ladies have when I am their age.