McCormick Predicts New Stops On 2013 Train To Flavortown

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Remember in the not so distance past having no idea what chipotle was, even struggling to pronounce it? Now its smoky and subtle heat can be found in so much of what we eat from mayo and sauces, to fast food, beer and chocolate. With each new year, as global tastes evolve, spices and flavor profiles are introduced that go from obscurity to ubiquity, just like chipotle did. McCormick, a company on a quest to save the world from boring food, says among the flavors that will have plates and palates buzzing in 2013 and beyond are dukkah, cajeta and katsu.

Why should we believe them? As a global leader in flavor, McCormick has been on the forefront of identifying emerging culinary trends since the 2000 debut of their signature, annual Flavor Forecast report.

They’re actually quite good at what they do as forecasters, boasting an impressive track record of food/flavor predictions that have come to pass, shaping the way we eat. To name a few, McCormick predicted the rise of coconut water in 2008, smoked paprika in 2006 and chipotle in 2003, all of which went from foody curiosities to those with widespread appeal. Need we say more?

According to McCormick’s latest Flavor Forecast, the 2013 flavor profile will be marked by a delicious medley of unique flavor experiences that is more creative, more diverse and much more personal. These are some of the standouts expected to gain global visibility and popularity starting next year.


Broccoli-with-Dukkah_McCormick Flavor Forecast imageDukkah is an aromatic Middle Eastern spice blend of toasted nuts, cumin, coriander, and sesame seeds. It’s typically sprinkled on olive-oil dipped pita bread. YUM!

Interestingly, while McCormick sells most of the ingredients for dukkah, it does not sell a ready-made blend… yet.

But you can make your own in less than 10 minutes. Try it on veggies, pasta, rice or as a rub on seafood or meats.


Anise-and-Cajeta_McCormick's Flavor Forecast imageCajeta is a thick caramel from Mexico. Goat or cow’s milk is cooked slowly with sugar and a flavoring, such as cinnamon and vanilla, until it is thick and a deep, rich color and flavor. DELISH!

Use it as a luxurious topping or filling for cakes and cookies or as an ingredient in desserts.

It’s said to transport both sweet and savory dishes to new places.

Try your hand at making it with this recipe.


Katsu-with-Oregano_McCormick Flavor Forecast imageKatsu is a thick, tangy, savory-sweet sauce popular in Japan, similar to a BBQ or steak sauce. It is likely to be the next go-to condiment. FINGER LICKING GOOD!

In the mood to get a jump on the trend? Check out these McCormick recipes featuring katsu sauce.

Greek Style Cold Noodle Salad

Chicken Tamales With Katsu Picante Sauce

To develop the Flavor Forecast report, McCormick assembles a dynamic group of experts – chefs, culinary kitchens, sensory scientists, dietitians, trend trackers, marketing experts and food technologists – from locations around the globe. It involves a year-long process of culinary exploration, data discovery and insight development. What follows are five trends with flavor combinations that illustrate how these trends are coming to life through taste.

To view McCormick’s 2013 Flavor Forecast in its entirety click here.

  • Millie

    I’d love to be one of the people that make up this group of experts. Sounds like a very tasty job!

  • JA

    I’ve had cajeta… drizzled over a mexican cheesecake. INSANELY DELICIOUS!

  • Sue

    Is it ok if I drink the cajeta? Oh my, does that look delish!

  • B_Jensen

    I was always fascinated by what happened with chipotle. Bobby Flay used to mention it all the time several years ago and I had no clue what it was. Now, it’s EVERYWHERE. Had no idea that there are people – let alone McCormick – who predict this kind of thing… very cool!

  • gargouille

    Thoughts of the Spice Girls keep dancing in my head. I never really thought about the media making celebrities out of actual spices…and they don’t even have to wear hot pants.

    • WYSK

      LOL!!! We cannot stop laughing. Gargouille… you get the prize for the funniest comment of the week! 🙂

      But now we can’t get the image of the Spice Girls danging out of our heads, “so tell me whatcha want, whatcha really, really want…”